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Chivalry Legions vs Divine Forces (Squeaky Clean)


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We set up a P2P singles spells prep earlier in the week with Divine Forces.

We logged in on top of vents and kicked off the fight with matched numbers, with consistent back and forth piles from both sides and some solid tanking from the lads.

Thanks again for the squeaky clean 30 minute fight Divine Forces.










c91cd009e13d5ef6519e4cc491aa5458-png.jpg  2a03e632fe55052beea193f255e43b5b-png.jpg  c5934f1725670947c6b35f5996fab653-png.jpg


61145ab88c55ecf95977f7f6dab5fbc2.png  unknown.png  R02ijRN.png

4hIWhae.png  fkjQiZH.png  qtZ5roC.png

N6iWQi2.png  17170efcff59cf72ecf0764a1bbc568d.png  idifGqw.png


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