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CL's Saucy Saturday F2p and P2p


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Part 1 

CL v Bandits ft Truefasa
We kicked off our first event with a bit of a twist,
Gearing up 24 men in f2p gear at midday lmao.

Hitting up some green cape team instantly calling transition city.
Soon after we were approached for a CWA match.
With only having done 1 f2p fight in 5 years we took on the challenge.

Taking at least one round against some F2p Vets.

Vid is lit btw.

Check out FL gamby tank 

Part 2 


During the week Rare showed undies to Ross, and also organised a multi spell
1 hour capped pkri

It was Clean asf with strong piles across the map
Ty for the fight DF. Respect.

CL - 34
DF - 28

CL - 37
DF - 30

!LOCATION ROT SV TS Renduals slaves TUF 

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