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AEST Patrol 22/8/20

Sector Six

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CL hit the caves in force tonight closing PvM instantly for hours cleaning up any of the scraps left hanging around. An overall successful night filling our loot bags and leaving merged cc's scrambling for numbers, hit after hit we demoralized victims as they lost numbers on numbers with each successive hit. 

Well done to everyone that made it.


cn2ijUD.png  HUz1yrl.gif   K6U3hbw.png








30861c80fce65f16337a95e1ab780c33.png  847ef97fc8444420d95dfe9ca846f50f.png  1aa3ee4233237dbbb70ad0df587a558e.png

e18b57f27f8670fb9bfa7a78d3659f51.png  85fec56a8753dad7a3faf14a03bd1553.png JyUIUAw.png

QnNvxf1.png  phXrofK.png  zHUS9S3.png

sTDiu8r.png  7snJybC.png  aFWqS1w.png

Rlxy1Pf.png  Ta6NZip.png  VrK6ZiN.png

VOVjCVz.png  kTQbxVO.png  irPyRvS.png

j7IfmCV.png  et5v9dy.png  3bnJK8G.png

do6rab2.png  9mCkcgb.png  Jv10ppG.png

zdmreTg.png  SBIVmya.png  mpUjfo1.png

yneciFf.png  Rekdp41.png  7febdd80fd8edd314bc75208ca634322-png.jpg

unknown.png  24ef28cfa4d7208847873e69c89a9b8e-png.jpg  b418f9008a966a35251329843a35e32f-png.jpg  


unknown.png  unknown.png  unknown.png

unknown.png  b6b2e9ccc1.png  7aa1142750937e000b4c9d5d9c141f88.png

unknown.png   7aa1142750937e000b4c9d5d9c141f88.png  fgdhdhjdrh.PNG

eacde9700887da9b63bcdd854e261090.png  bf1793072694a5e2877aad26dc6a0c26.png  eabc026fe511e39297198996637bb4bc.png

9f60306e928271a663143539159eb9ee.png 87a156b3f046be92dda35ac69e7d538a-png.jpg vICGSB0.jpg

g1j8SW4.jpg  me4sOrP.jpg  ELVR37l.jpg

T9YbVCk.jpg  rGYvCL5.jpg  MKXKA2f.jpg

7PrOAc3.jpg  jEMwlzM.jpg  0qztCI5.jpg


Edited by Sector Six
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