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  1. Didn't die once, made 5m too easy
  2. Low key brought blood barrage ty gf only died once
  3. lolol rosvo losing two plus one's in a single night
  4. A U S T E E G S Nothing hotter than a chick who pk's and leads 30 other simps
  5. "Pvm closed for an hour" nek minut "Pvm open for 1 hour per week"
  6. When 4 clans 'attempt' to merge to fight 1 clan Look at 20 of them dead at edge bank lol
  7. Lost count how many times austeegs dropped to her knees
  8. Absolute madness, 40 strong in the cave Yerusalem never saw that coming lol, 4 restores left All those slaves risking snakeskin hats and salads cuz they know they fighting uphill battle
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