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  1. This is what happens to OSRS dogs that try to bypass the AEST rabbit fence, slaughtered live.
  2. Beaten so hard they've lost all their remaining 3 braincells.
  3. Good job lads, taking over F2P aswell.
  4. Early shark gets the rev worm
  5. Karate knew that guy had a volly the whole time. Change my mind.
  6. Popping vennies like popping pills. One after the other never stop.
  7. All your 1+'s are belong to us.
  8. Same shit different day, same timezone different day, different fight same outcome.
  9. This is our timezone. With proof.
  10. You had to be there for those spams. Legendary. This is our timezone.
  11. Play with snakes get snaked.
  12. Expected to slave for CPK. Thinks he'll be respected in ROT? Joke of the year.
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