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Sector Six

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  1. Enjoyed the action, easy clears multiple times.
  2. Completely deleted live on the tele
  3. Easy gains, well done lads!
  4. Solid effort and a good pull from the boys, GF AE.
  5. Sector Six

    Dino GWAS

    Wiped, well done lads!
  6. Smoked em, good stuff lads.
  7. Wasn't there but looked like a decent fight, GF AF!
  8. Well done guys, burning I missed out on both F2P & P2P action in the one night.
  9. CL hit the wilderness Saturday night maces in hand, with eyes set on whatever plus one items we stumbled across. Almost consistently seeing bodies hit the floor one after the other we amassed close to 700m gp worth of loot within a few hours with almost no downtime. This pushed us to an overall 1.2B gp made from macing this week alone. I could type on and on but the pictures below do tonights efforts justice. Well done to everyone who made it online tonight! MUTAGEN SMITE (BACK TO ZULRAH) - https://streamable.c
  10. CL hit the caves in search of unsuspecting victims ready to be left cleared of any +1's they owned. One after the other like clockwork bodies hit the floor with a big spread of drops gained. After building up the overall loot to just shy of 300m we switched it up and attended revs to make quick work of a few PvM'ers and called it a night. Well done to everyone that made it tonight.
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