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  1. We hit up Tempest for another late night AEST Sunday - single spells, matched P2P fight. We kicked off the fight West of spider hill with some quick piles back and forth from both CL & TE. Mid fight things got a little messy moving away from the box type fight on top of the hill to what looked like a multi fight with everyone spread across the map. After 30 minutes of squeaky clean action we got endings and dipped. Thanks again for the action as always Tempest!
  2. Prepped an Australian Sunday night 30 min cap, single spells fight with Divine Forces. We met just North of 50 ports ready for a competitive fight. The fight kicked off with a bunch of quick transitions from us and well calculated spears on magers. Mid fight got a bit messy with piles from both sides dragging north of the castle around the walls. Things settled in a bit more on the back end of the fight with some quick transitions and great calling from @Murky. After 30 minutes of clean uncontested action we called last piles and took our endings. Cheers for getting
  3. Tempest hit us up for a matched single spells P2P fight earlier in the week which we accepted. We met up West of spider hill and after a rusty start we managed to keep the intensity up for the rest of the fight with some consistent spears and piles. Another competitive fight as always, thanks for the action and waking up early for us Tempest.
  4. We set up a Sunday night fight with Divine Forces, matched opts, single multi spells. We kicked off the fight as planned west of spider hill. We defended the hill as DF ran in and it kicked off, there was a few notable barrage piles / clumps from both sides. Thanks again for the action DF, another super clean fight as always. \
  5. We reached out to Ancient Fury late in the week for a matched single spells Sunday night fight. We kicked off the fight at west of spider hill as planned with strong piles back and forward from both sides. After 45 minutes of clean back and forward action and with no sign of crashers yet again we took endings and called it a night. Thanks for the action AF.
  6. We set up a P2P matched, single spells fight with Tempest earlier in the week, a little late for us but action nonetheless. We met at spider hill and kicked off the fight as planned and got straight into it. After a solid 30 minute performance from the lads, with not a single crasher in sight we ended the fight. Thanks again for the action Tempest, always a pleasure!
  7. We organized a few day prep versus Divine Forces after last weeks clean fight - which fell on Mother's Day in Australia. After matching opts we headed to 50 ports to start the fight. Attempting a box style fight things were a little over the place, however both clans seemed to keep consistent piles throughout. With no one else in sight we ended the fight after our agreed 30 minute cap for yet another super clean fight. Thanks again for the action Divine Forces.
  8. We set up a P2P singles spells prep earlier in the week with Divine Forces. We logged in on top of vents and kicked off the fight with matched numbers, with consistent back and forth piles from both sides and some solid tanking from the lads. Thanks again for the squeaky clean 30 minute fight Divine Forces.
  9. Setup a P2P singles spells fight on a school night with VR. We headed to spider hill and the fight started with strong back and forth piles from both clans. After close to our 30 minute cap the moonclan army double logged in with a massive pull of 16 which were cleared within a minute. Attempting to avenge themselves from their most recent CWA loss to SV 2-0 they definitely felt they had something to prove. We continued fighting VR at lumberyard, then 50 ports baiting out the remaining ROT/SV victims hoping they'd gear up for a proper fight. Unfortunately this wasn't part of the
  10. 6IX

    CL v VR recap

    Thanks for the fight VR!
  11. 6IX

    Sunday Funday

    Good fight Tempest!
  12. Back into hiding for a few months, smoked.
  13. Clean as fuck, good fight Tempest.
  14. Solid and clean fight, great performance from all, good fight Tempest!
  15. 6IX

    CL vs SOG

    CL hit the wilderness for a quick run through AEST on Monday night in search of action. After flying through worlds in deep wilderness clearing out anything on sight from PvMer's to small teams we ran into SOG at Vetion which we made quick work of. After clearing them out once, the fight continued on outside corp cave for close to an hour. We continued to gain numbers as SOG numbers dwindled, forcing them to degear dramatically to the point of one item.
  16. 6IX

    Tears of Dino

    Sold his bank to buy an elysian, relocated to PK at mage bank like it was 2007 again and downplayed his mates getting maced out because 'it wasn't him that died'. Cry is free, fun night out.
  17. Big fight, thanks to DF for keeping it clean.
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