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  1. 6IX

    CL v VR recap

    Thanks for the fight VR!
  2. 6IX

    Sunday Funday

    Good fight Tempest!
  3. Back into hiding for a few months, smoked.
  4. Clean as fuck, good fight Tempest.
  5. Solid and clean fight, great performance from all, good fight Tempest!
  6. 6IX

    CL vs SOG

    CL hit the wilderness for a quick run through AEST on Monday night in search of action. After flying through worlds in deep wilderness clearing out anything on sight from PvMer's to small teams we ran into SOG at Vetion which we made quick work of. After clearing them out once, the fight continued on outside corp cave for close to an hour. We continued to gain numbers as SOG numbers dwindled, forcing them to degear dramatically to the point of one item.
  7. 6IX

    Tears of Dino

    Sold his bank to buy an elysian, relocated to PK at mage bank like it was 2007 again and downplayed his mates getting maced out because 'it wasn't him that died'. Cry is free, fun night out.
  8. Big fight, thanks to DF for keeping it clean.
  9. Good fight Vitality, solid spam and performance from the lads!
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