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  1. Baited SV into the worst slaughter they've had in quite a while, they were small manning deep at GD's when we logged into them with a handful. Once they highlighted their alliance to come help them (Solidtag, SR, Plex), we gained up to 40 and kicked off their almost 3 hour suicide session IN GDS. Not once did they attempt to spam back or talk to us at all, staff barraging then eventually every member was told to get in 1 item, we spawn killed them for another ~45 minutes and peaced. Vids SV Minimap: Pics;
  2. Set up a battle with the lads over at Evil Army, we had quite a few more than them but some of the lads were happy to watch. We had some great tanks and everyone was on the ball today. Took the win 2-0, GF EA and thanks for the action. R1: (25-20) R2: (25-13)
  3. Psilocybin

    Dino GWAS

    Smoked DINO on VID for the lot.
  4. Was short and sweet, unexpected Volatile at the end too, free GP!
  5. Pked around 100m in single and headed out for another cheeky +1 sweep, not much to say just enjoy the pics. https://www.twitch.tv/vancouver07/clip/ProductiveBelovedBeaverDatSheffy
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