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  1. Tonight at 12am we hit 34 on teamspeak to give Dino a cup of cement.#hardenthefuckup After roughly 1hr Dino gave up and ranted, whilst oddcloth called in french/bogan Enjoy the pics lads.
  2. Tonight we hit what's left of infliction vol 4000 Instantly off the bat Rendual was spamming irrelevant shit and donating sets lmfao, I think the mfer was trying to spam @'s on ppl for attention. Sr was completely dismantled attempting to fight us. Enjoy the pics lads. PM @Karate#3885 for pizza Gwas gif's
  3. The lads had free roam of AEST once again. This time Snaptic wanted to PVM. TY Snaptic @SnaptiK#0145 for Protection Enjoy https://i.gyazo.com/a83c14e79c64f5001e6e0ed62829e782.mp4
  4. Went out on a Monday arvo, fkn Ouse. enjoy lads. v
  5. Earlier in the week, AF approached us for a fight. The fight was set on new gate hill with a 45 minute cap, it was clean as fuck with strong piles from both sides across the map. Ending CL 40 AF 55 Ty for the Action AF gf. Sorry for the late topic lads. v
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