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Everything posted by SnaptiK

  1. GF tempest, cleanest fight of 2021
  2. Cleanest fight of 2021, cheers tempest
  3. Cleanest fight of 2021, wish I was there, good shit lads
  4. So funny, highlight of my week lmao
  5. After VR cancelling on us, we hit up Vitality for a fight and they accepted. Started the fight off at east tree, with our callers transitioning from pile to pile. Without any communication the fight turned from single spells to multi spells. Fight carried on, clean AF btw, til we ended with almost 40 strong men on TS, calling it a night and good way to end the year of 2020.
  6. SnaptiK

    CL vs SOG

    Good shit fellas, too easy
  7. good shit lads, clean action as usual
  8. Cleanest fight of 2020 I reckon, cheers vitality!
  9. cleanest fight of 2020 cheers DF
  10. It was a late Sunday night, CL set out looking for some action. We quickly massed up 20 of our finest men, hitting 30 on TS, patrolling the rev caves and killing everything and anything we could. Ended up with a few +1s whilst clearing a few teams along the way, there was no stopping us. Good job to everyone who attended.
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