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  1. was ez for twinky and boomer
  2. Just watched half a season of archer and gage traded me 20m lol.
  3. pretype do something...
  4. Defianc3

    CL Clip dump

    Random old clips of kills/chances/funny shit Cant embed sadly Dino losing staff (high risk) https://streamable.com/x6idg SV baited outsmarted https://streamable.com/20crk Odi dead in one freeze for 17m (lost infernal cape bc no parch) https://streamable.com/kmf4t Max barrage into max ags on a pidswap for 35m https://streamable.com/w35gm GSG merge with arabs + another clan to hit me solo and fuck it up https://streamable.com/h8x5lt KINGKANE77 dead for 10m https://streamable.com/oljap5 GSG fuck up the easiest st
  5. Farming noobs non stop uncontested
  6. Ty max gsg you can spy but your NOT getting in
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