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  1. When have we ever had 60 online I recall having 60 when we were with liths clearing sv/1750s/whatever fuckwits wanted to try and fight us.
  2. Tiburonrusso lost 2x zgs? Fucking loooooooooooooooooooool
  3. had them on the ropes in the first 20mins then they started suiciding till their backup arrived and they still got smoked
  4. Good shit boys, was a good run
  5. Taking fire surge next time for sure
  6. when balli ragging the balli raggers gets you more loot XD
  7. Easy clear. They didn’t even want to keep going. Obviously didn’t have the pedo’s to back them up
  8. I enoyed the pics karate. Even got some people in thingles bro
  9. CT cutting their own throats irl now
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