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  1. Another clan runescape.com player verse player battle. Thanks for fighting so early!
  2. Thanks for fighting us at such a weird time VR!
  3. Arranged another clean as fuck fight with Tempest and it was alot of fun, so here are some pictures;
  4. That was a beating and a half lol. Same time today?
  5. I'd say good fight, but, you know...
  6. Probably won't see SV now for another 9 months lmao
  7. We went out Sunday afternoon trying to find someone or anyone to fight us. After about an hour of hopping, we finally ran in OAC, we crushed them for a good 15 minutes, clearing them a couple of time. Eventually SV/Rot Meds showed up and tried to help, but spent hours in d'hide barrage suiciding. To no surprise, was fucking destroyed them for a good couple of hours, pushing them all the way down into singles. I'd say good fight, but....?
  8. Tempest asked us for a cheeky Sunday afternoon fight in the new year and we gladly accepted. Not knowing what our numbers would be given a number of us were on holidays (no covid btw - check the scoreboard). We accepted and pulled a solid 35 and kick it off, we started extremely strong and carried this throughout the 30 minute cap. Thanks against Tempest for the clean as fuck fight, pictures below.
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