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  1. Yesterday
  2. Best fight ever, I didnt know a square had so many extra sides. Now i know better.
  3. Last week
  4. Was fun thanks for the fight as always tempest.
  5. We hit up Tempest for another late night AEST Sunday - single spells, matched P2P fight. We kicked off the fight West of spider hill with some quick piles back and forth from both CL & TE. Mid fight things got a little messy moving away from the box type fight on top of the hill to what looked like a multi fight with everyone spread across the map. After 30 minutes of squeaky clean action we got endings and dipped. Thanks again for the action as always Tempest!
  6. Earlier
  7. Good shit lads, sorry I couldn’t make it
  8. thx for the fight, too bad its not coming home.
  9. Prepped an Australian Sunday night 30 min cap, single spells fight with Divine Forces. We met just North of 50 ports ready for a competitive fight. The fight kicked off with a bunch of quick transitions from us and well calculated spears on magers. Mid fight got a bit messy with piles from both sides dragging north of the castle around the walls. Things settled in a bit more on the back end of the fight with some quick transitions and great calling from @Murky. After 30 minutes of clean uncontested action we called last piles and took our endings. Cheers for getting
  10. Good shit lads, sorry I couldn’t make it!
  11. Was fun thx for the fight tempest.
  12. glad to see Leader Gage could make it to this one
  13. what do when wilderness is this free?
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