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CL Clear CT+PD ft, SV.

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Originally, we posted a prep for 7PM aest in hopes that CT would come give us a proper fight after the recent beatings they have taken across all timezones, and right alongside them was going to be PD..

We found CT almost straight away at Revs with PD, but we weren't fighting on there terms. We grabbed our gloves and went to Gds, waiting another 5-10 minutes for them to co-ordinate their next hit, more time went by and we walked to newgate as shit was getting boring.

At roughly 7:30PM CT+PD logged into us and the fight started, despite being heavily outnumbered, our main focus was to ruin Cutthroat's melee piles and kill there callers, leaving the rest clueless as to what was going on/getting 1 hit, eventually SV would come to AC the remaining 10-15 PD faggots and Jaydens community clan sniping us also, leaving us to focus on CT.

Nearing the end of the fight (2 1/2 hrs later) it was quite clear Christy had bitten off more than then she could chew and PD were nowhere to be seen, with multiple piles going and TS going a bit retarded, we checked our mini-maps, finished our brews, and took our fall in.

I guess this is what happens when you try to 2v1 us.. Dummys.

CT Ending: waiting in diff world for fake one


CL Ending: heaps of sick cunts


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huge smoke

Was fun as fuck fighting on NG but, lets do that shit again

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Goodshit lads, shame i was only there briefly. do my best to make it to the next smoke of those retards 

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Nice to see sv is on the good side now, suck it ct 5 clans merge and still can’t beat 30 aussies lmfao

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