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Saturday Skirmish ft, Penis hats, SV, Randoms

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We headed out to deep wilderness for a change after scouting a few single pkers/port luring teams around, before we even got a chance to bump into either of the two we got rushed by a team of 15~ lvl 90s-100s, we fought them off and hopped a few worlds, then they decided to come back for round 2, and 3. 


While all of this was going on we came across a few single pkers at Gds trying to get to single strip, killed a few for some decent loot.



Pretty much straight after killing these guys, we found a little 4-5 man team at the 50 ports. With some nice spears we got one off the portal and smited him for ags/staff.



By this point we were sure deep would be dead, so we headed to Rev caves and cleared a bunch of small random teams, SV in ballista, some lith team, enjoy pics.


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