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Eradicating the Rev Caves Ft. Ibliys + SV

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We set out on our usual evening sweep, peaking at almost 30 men. Throughout our night we came across the Ibliys many times, we cleared them 3-4 times until they got into Ballistas... zzz. While fighting the Ibliys, SV were attempting to camp returners at the entrance, until they grew enough balls to try and rush us, and we all know how that turned out LMFAO.

We transitioned through them with ease, ruining their melee pile, and 1 hitting every single one of them, they resorted to returning in dog shit and trying to get the fight closer to the entrance, but we weren't budging, we stood our ground in the centre of the caves and killed anyone who came close enough, the Ibliys would eventually rush with 20 Ballistas, this is when both SV and ourselves moved further south, the only difference being they teled out and we stayed, we continued to move back north and clear out the remaining SV + Ibliys. Once both sides were cleared, we took our deserved ending.

Although you both have a shitty approach to fighting, we appreciate the action.



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