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Bullying SV/Cucks

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A little birdy told me that SV were hopping around the caves with 10-15 Ballistas, avoiding us at all costs, of course. Rounded up the boys and went out to end any sort of action they planned on having, we hit them in a few worlds and took a few ballista's, then after a good 15 minutes of them being lobbied, the birdy sent me a link and their trip was over.



Shortly after SV ended, the idea was too annoy the 2K's enough for RoT to mass (multiple times) for nothing. We cleared the 2K worlds a few times and had a few wait for them to aid the 1750's. A bit of time went by and they eventually logged into us north east, we caught a few clumps on them in the corridor and tactically single to multi'd the dogs, until they were booking it south.




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fuck sv fuck rot fuck ct all a bunch of fucken bums  #CLWINSAGAIN

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