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Freshly Cooked Alliance w/ CT, RoT, SV

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CT had posted a 1 week prep for around 4PM AEST today, we got the lads together and went to disrupt any sort of clean action they thought they could get. We waited patiently in Revs for CT to take the initial bait and get dragged into Black Dragons, we flew into them and completely wiped them off the map before any RoT/SV could back them up (10 steps ahead btw).

We got a cheeky ENDING btw and went for a bank, now it was SV and RoTs turn to take the beating, they made a horrible attempt to sandwich us in the black dragons, SV lasted a whole 15 seconds to the west (got barraged out, no surprise) while RoT (12) got cleared out 2 minutes later to the east and had to call mummy to save the day.

Once CT decided to Pk again without SV+RoT in their pocket, we crashed their fight with community and once again completely fucked these kids up until the cucks could re mass.








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Bunch of front bums they all squat to piss.

Ahh well back to linking arms holding eachothers cocks while they have anime night.


Thanks for being Daddys little cock sleeve, still didnt help yas 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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13 hours ago, Gambit said:

farm to plate freshly cooked ct and sv 👌


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