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Clean 1 Hour Scrap with Fools 7/5/19

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Originally went out to clear SV's small man and after killing their few stragglers/them ending, Fools attempted to kill one of our guys in single with 12-15. We went down to Hobs and helped get a box etc, before heading back to Revs. Fools didn't like this and came up to give us a scrap. We logged into W76 (german, shit ping) and kicked off the fight.

We had it over them for the majority of the fight, while they started off with low ops and CL stayed steady at 35 for the whole fight, it was clear they had to suicide return for a bit to get numbers in game, few suicide barrage piles and regroups to the north were had too. To keep them from barraging a bit later on, we brought the fight south inside where their numbers didn't really count for much with their mages getting 1 hit/teleing and transitioning through their melee piles, then they attempted to drag it further north, after an hour/being late and happy with our performance, we grabbed our ending and hit the road. 



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3 minutes ago, Trey said:

gf fools


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great effort for cl on a Tuesday good shit lads gf fools

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Gj smashing Eomeri and pals, respek from winland. Sadly missed this clean action due naptime extention

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