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CL Destroy SV ft CT RoTs

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Spur pked at 11pm at night with 30 strong roos.
We hit SV str8 up with a huge dick, they insta dipped with their tails tucked, like a tranny.
CL went on sweeping hitting CT's Small man or main pull???
we couldn't tell..clearing them within 5 seconds.

40 minutes went past and SV seemed to show up out of the shadows.
They must of pm'd every person on their discord/cc's pulling a massive 20 people,
CL spawn killed them inside the rev caves, Forcing SV to regroup and hold off north inside drags
while RoT and CT massed to save their pathetic ass's.

Soon as the Anti CL alliance of misfits showed, we peaced out with a smiley face.

Stay shook and ez/Broken to addy.
DSI's/Twits/Animes smooooookeeeddd



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yeah they waited for me to sleep. they didnt want the heat

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so what ur saying is the cuck alliance lost again? lol whats new

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I remember when SV came for a fight last time, they got fucked in the ass. Months later, nothings really changed. You know your clan can't hack it when you need to call the whole alliance vs us. And here I thought it was just the timezones outside ours, but I think its official that they need their hands held 24/7 to even make themselves significant in the clanning world. 

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8 hours ago, Creme said:

so what ur saying is the cuck alliance lost again? lol whats new


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