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Bangz Deleted ft retards

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The weekend warriors assembled 32 on this fine Sunday evening to give the retard alliance a taste of this kangaroo cock, we started at revs and cleared Lil tards/SV's joined trip 3-4 times before CT decided to show their faces, only to get completely wiped off the map minutes into the fight, well before the tweeters could save them.



With these 4 clans pking in each others pockets, we got 35 Javelin throwing apes and set out to end every single one of them.

RoT being the first to tap out.

CT being the second. (bangz rage quit)



After these two decided to end, we went multiple worlds and killed off the remaining Cards/Sv.




Few pictures from the beating CT took yesterday as well :D

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dumb fuck wannab discord gangster bangz put in the sleeper by big cock gage lol

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Cannot compete 1v1, so they call the whole gang on us. I'm flattered, shows the difference in quality of our clans. Lil tards cleared in 2 minutes, maybe if christy lost a few pounds she woulda got there a second sooner. Try again CT.

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16 hours ago, Gambit said:

dumb fuck wannab discord gangster bangz put in the sleeper by big cock gage lol


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