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CL Day Out ft. Smoking RoT + Cutthroat

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Headed out for a bit of a cheeky PK on this fine afternoon and were looking to kick off a shit show like we usually do, went into Rev caves with 35 coons and started off by smoking the little tards, they suicided just like we expected, for a pain staking 45 minutes.. It was only then CT decided to come out of hiding, then when that wasn't enough and after another 30 minutes went by, the twitter clan logged in to "save" the day. 

We peaced and watched both these clans end immediately after, we went back up and quickly cleared out PR + WG in the first few worlds. Shortly after we found PD in a world idle and started off a scrap with them, both sides had their moments and after 45 minutes of fighting the tweeters decided to show up (with only 30 lmao). We switched straight onto RoT and had them screaming to Christy for black up. While they suicided, CT re massed and just as they were about to log in, we peaced out.





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good shit sorry i didnt make it today boys mrs had the day off and wanted to do shit then had to help irl mate out with his fish room

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The state of CT. This is why they bailed out of AEST, ROT cant pull jackshit in our timezone.

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