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Team Sweden + RoT Cleared - Clean 1v2

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After sweeping the Revenant Caves, and a little bit of single throughout the day, we eventually went multi with ~10 people and killed a bunch of random shitters.

Next few worlds we hopped, we found Team Sweden and the Twitter clan doing a joint pk trip. Little did they know we had 40 kangaroos in the back paddock ready to pounce. The fight kicked off and we quickly gained up to 43.

Now let's be real for a second, these cunts returned for 30 minutes straight, one by one, in 1 ITEM AND ADAMANT, to suicide to us.. jokers.




Ts/RoT Fight:


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lmao u guys made bank before rot and ts suicided for bank , easy for c2l

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rot are fat fucken retards lmfaooooo suiciders:D gf ts

big looootiesssss #CL ON MY FUCKEN CHEST NIGGA!

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