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CL smoked the EST alliance.

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CL massed up and went into the EST timezone.
Fighting and smoking anything we came across.

At the start of the trip, we went and hit Lil retards and jaja, Barraging and smoking them
out of black drags.

Peaking at 31 we hit PD in south caves on a different world.
Pd were pinned down with their man hood being taken, Instantly Crying for Daddy to come save them.

We continued on pking and ran into RoT who were trying to hunt us.
RoT made the mistake of thinking Aussies care about them lmfao.
They logged in and were insta 1hit 1by1, Clearing their shit off the map.
TY for win.

Second encounter we got wind, SV merge clan were fighting PD,
Quickly joining Merge clan cc we pumped PD.
 RoT were not far behind.
Once RoT realized, they called all of their slave clans to fall in line.

State of EST...lmfao Join a Real Clan

Pics no order


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est is so fucking cringe lmfao look at all these faggots holding hands. come 1v1 us pd pussy clan

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The highlight has to be ROT getting cleared at 9pm EST. What the fuck was that lmfao??

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Seriously though, PD can't fight 1v1 and talk mad shit then get slapped. Made my day.

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Easy for CL good shit lads I should be back pking with in a week. 

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rot and pd teaming up and still got fken smoked in there own timezone l00l imagine. 

#1 CL

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