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Daily Wilderness Sweep Ft. Fools/Randoms

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Today the boys were hungry and needed to fix their craving's so we took to the wilderness and went to just about every place there is, plenty of single kills and a few stank loots.


A bit later on in the day we saw Halsey doing a tank test in ~20m risk, we swooped in at the last minute and took him out + the few Fools/random kids trying to get it, looted all the good shit too.



After all these shenanigans we headed to the REV CAVES and swept up a bunch of random shitters, eventually we found Fools with 5-10 people and began fighting with our ~20, peaking at 28, we transitioned through them as they slowly gained heading into their timezone, barrage clumps were had back and fourth but for the most part we dominated it until they had 40+, where we decided to peace out and call it. 



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good scrap with fools, was actually more fun fighting them then the same 5 ct members over and over stay easy ct

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