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  1. Started a trip out in singles with the lads and found some good kills before deep dying out. The boys were still out for blood and decided to go out for a quick 10 man rev sweep, stealing bulk loot and maintaining the AEST #1. Sooner or later some DK members appeared in their torag ballistas and thought they could brute force us down. Little did they know but they left their banana plantations unguarded and with a swift poke, we gained an additional 9 members at 12am AEST to sandwich them and steal all their bananas and send them back to edgeville. DK remassed a further two times and continued to cop the hands until we called it enough torture for them after 3-0 at 1am AEST. Was fun, bring more torags and mystics next time pls.
  2. Daily sweep, you know how it is. Control the singles Control the multi Who gon stop us now PS> GZ MURQUISHA ON 99 STR BABEZ !!!~!~
  3. ur a fake russ give us the real russ
  4. #moneygang i chucked a heap on the table after for da boys
  5. Another day another dollar ezpz
  6. Went for a quick sweep with the lads on a chummy sunday arvo. Caught wind that Ibliys/community had 34 opts ready but after logging into them once they halved and halved again before ended to anti-pk (lol). Seeing as community were a no show, we dropped opts to a small man trip and continued to run a storm through the caves without much interest from anyone else and looted all the big buck bracelets in sight. Eventually we found PD trying to land a quick mace and quickly logged in to fuck that shit up and yoink their red airmaxs. PD weren't very happy with this and spent half an hour massing but were to slow and didn't manage to catch us before ending for dinner. Better luck next time raccoons.
  7. Oh shit boys. DK think they're safe trying to mace at 2am AEST.. think again boys
  8. Big uncontested loots, so hot right now
  9. Strong aussies uncontested ez ez ez
  10. Dumb raccoons, back to your trashcan