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  1. Unique sound, amazing visuals NGL though i only listened to half of it in the car today while I was out and got kinda bored. Need to give it a full listen with all the visuals.
  2. After a few hours break, the boys weren't settled with all the sets we farmed from CT and ROT earlier in the afternoon. We grabbed out some blunt objects from the bank accounts and set out to the caves and entrance again and had a mad quick hour feast. Baited some huge whale who had nothing better to say about himself then Gf as he kissed the ground for 42m. At the end of the trip, we saw a Team Sweden member at the entrance in mace gear and set the traps. No less than 2 minutes later the battle siren rang and we long in and nuked them straight off the Swedish alps. Cheers for free loots buddos.
  3. boats n hoes
    spawn kill kids all day ez ez ez

  4. Sorry i don't speak ghost wHoOoOo WhOoOoO wHOoOooooooo
  5. Quiet tuesday, not much action out. Swept through the rev caves and didn't run into much. Community were out and about with 20 or so (mostly ballistas as per usual) but didn't want any of this and failed to return after their first deaths. Did some quick sneaky shit and made a quick small man buck.
  6. Wow-ee, these dudes out here in my rev caves just got smoked

  7. @pvmers please deposit your 10m into my bank account next time instead
  8. Shoutout to the genie for a free 800xp runecrafting exp #zombiedunker
  9. Sunday afternoon clanworld cluster. CT & Rot spawn killed by 40 big-bicep kangaroos for 2hours straight.
  10. Over the past couple months of summer 2018/19, a break-away side hustle called MoneyGang was operating in the shadows of the revenant caves under supervision of Chivalry Legions. With a consistent 10-15 dedicated members and friends, we managed to covertly sweep the wilderness uncontested in late night AEST after regular pk trips and an occasional weekend GMT trip and earn the big big bucks. During the months of November, December and January the operation managed to secure kills totaling approximately 20b (in deadest timezone BTW). During this time we managed to create some great moments, fleecing many streamers of their uniques while live to their audience or consistently hit the same kids countless times a week (sometimes even the same day and trip) without blinking an eye. Our method was succinct, well-practiced and ultimately very fruitful. Main accounts, med accounts and pure accounts - total annihilation ensued and no one was safe from MoneyGang. I’d like to thank the guys who participated for an absolute blast of a summer, having bulk fun and making bulk coin. See you soon for the next mission. Members: 10-15 Goal: Yoink as much as possible Timeframe: Summer 2018/19 (November-January) Outcome: 20b+ in items maced Enjoy the below trip pictures, kill pics and funny moments. Our very first AGS (5 man mace was ez btw): Sparky for claws #1 Sparky for claws #2 CT member Auping for vig mace SV Violenter for elder maul Random memes of the summer End of trip pictures: Various kill pictures: Special shout: D E D E This poor bloke personally donated at least 20-30 plus 1s during this operation. God bless his staking addiction to return day after day with a new godsword or staff. I wish I had all the pictures of your deaths. #Moneygang
  11. "dumbest bait i've ever seen" (Veteran pk content creators who still fall for dumbest bait ever seen, 2k19) Imagine
  12. I dont know whats being said nice
  13. I went home to draw people on rocks with my fingers instead of dreamtime tyvm
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