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  1. idk how long this is but mix of random pk and raids/pvm i guess
  2. massive smoke, wasn't even there and i still got 69 kills wow
  3. 99 rev cave farming ps. wtf you slack cunts never take pics at fights but take gazillions on these random sweep trips smh
  4. On tonight's episode, we feast upon the lootations of random TOAK macers, SV, ROT and Moi. Meal 1 consisted of a dish of dragon boots, dwarven helms and mystic sets from TOAK after we caught the scent of ancient maces being flaunted in the rev caves. After playing cat and mouse for a short period, we tracked down their little squad and injected them with shots of ice barrage. The end result created a frozen treat for all in a matter of seconds with no survivors escaping. Shortly after this, Meal 2 was already bubbling away and waiting for the correct moment to dish up. We log into w92 and instantly hack away at the legs of SV in the centre of revs. In what felt like 5minutes, SV were crumbling away in their rag sets after multiple transitions and low and behold daddy ROT logged in to save SV who couldn't handle the pressure cooker inside revs. As we continued to 2v1, all piles continued to run south and tele out or die in 1hits. Moi eventually showed face, logging in south and ballista camped whoever sat south. In response we took the opportunity to reposition north-east and drag the fight into the corridor inch by inch. From this position we were able to trap SV+ROT in the neck of the corridor and proceed with immediately gwas out half their numbers. It didn't take long before some returners and MOI sat from the entrance and barraged anyone south-east. A temporary transition to singles allowed us to clear this out before dragging back to the neck and south of corridor to once again barrage out SV+ROT. With their tails between their legs, both clans hit the legs and teled out to try re position north of the fight however were to slow. We took our opportunity to declare the win while the stragglers desperately tried to hold us out while the rest failed to return in time. Was super ez, gf idiots. 10/10 delicious feasts.
  5. pumped 2k team sucks more ass than @tommys team
  6. Quick easy night sweep, wilderness was pretty quiet. Nothing much to report. Please see pics of mine and Gambit's because we are loot kings (not hayden) PS. EMIYA called some Venezuelians' noobs and got slayed for it lmao gf idiot
  7. Long story short, CT week prepped again and got spawn killed by PD and Lil Cards while we 1v1'd ROT Was super ez, you both fucking suck KDR on Goy... approximately 14-0 you absolute downie. Get broken from veracs/torags/mytics to dhide/no mage/rune bucket helms some more by the true aussies LMFAO
  8. Unique sound, amazing visuals NGL though i only listened to half of it in the car today while I was out and got kinda bored. Need to give it a full listen with all the visuals.
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