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  1. free as heck ROP/alliance had no idea wtf was going on BTW 1-0 ZONERS NICE AGS RETARDS
  2. Shoutout to ex-Frontline leader Skate (Deyegenerate) for some late night stream action. After we fought him in singles for awhile before he decided to go do some multi tanks from 50s. #CL was first on the scene and landed some phat kills on him. Cheers for the 130m bud.
  3. OBS just set it up to game capture and lock it to a particular game window and off ya go exporting for youtube purposes needs additional programs to edit/render
  4. HOLY HECK look at all that damn juicy L O O T thanks to my sponsor Woolworths for the beanz
  5. stinky boat people got capsized and floated away to be eaten by sharks
  6. Didnt even need to login and anime cucks got cleared
  7. free loot heck yeh GSG pks at 4am btw L M F A O
  8. Fumblers

    Another One

    Pran MLG vidya recorda
  9. master race gets boring so youll be 75att in no time
  10. easy aest smoke call more clans roy
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