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  1. CL went out hopscotching the wilderness tonight and coming across many no name teams over and over again. After clearing them for about the 8th time in a row, we decided to try some alternative pk methods such as enchanted sapphire bolts.. Can confirm.. they suck (sorry @Lemu) I am willing to however try again in the future because I can see the potential. We still got bulk loot though:
  2. Went out for our daily uncontested sweep and picked up a heap of random loot. Also made a single pker go full retard, misclick us running in from single and plank for his stank. Another day another dollar uncontested timezone
  3. Fumblers

    ty ct

    retarts lmfao thanks for free loot
  4. Went to the local IGA and bought some hot bbq chickens, crispy baked bread and some garlic aioli. Put it all together and you had yourself a lovely sunday evening feast. 1. Cut bread 2. Spread aioli on bread 3. Pull apart chicken (Pro tip: eat the legs/wings whilst pulling apart the rest) 4. Put pulled apart chicken breast on bread 5. Put top of sandwich on 6. ???? 7. Enjoy Below are some photographs to help you understand just how good this feast was:
  5. Update night. CL put on their gucci flip flops and jumped in the G Wagon for a cruise around the wild. Gave everyone the sauce and got the big bucks, didn't know what hit them they didn't catch on. btw 3-0 retarts. Log in earlier next time
  6. We are the biggest of owners and AEST is our timezone

  7. CL headed out for a sweep of the wilderness in our timezone uncontested yet again. We didn’t encounter any particular clans for larger fights but had multiple reoccurring scraps with some randoms. Shoutout to Main AF for donating me your sets 3 worlds in a row. Nearing the end of the trip we came across two pvmers who had previously been aggressive near us earlier in the night. In one swift move we threw a tb on them before a bit of 1000 IQ namechange plays managed to skull trick them before also smiting for claws and maul in a matter of about 3 seconds. This topic was brought to you by: “Get mage you dumb retards” Karate 2k18 and “Bro a team of 5 mystics just logged into me at lava gate, help” JR 2k18 “Everybody kill this kid for making us run to tip for no reason” Gage no mage 2k18 ' JR's new alt ingame name #CL
  8. Started out the evening with a quick corp session which donated us the goodies to Mel and team. Proceeded out to revs for a quick half hour rag session and stole all the mystics from the bad guys. One kid forget to protect item too and dropped a zgs. Til next time revenant caves.
  9. CL did some pk things on a mid-week public holiday. We small manned and big squaded and reaped the lootations as per normal. Lest we forget. Extras: me living up to my name and planking for max
  10. mfw CT regear and tele from CL and Fools standing in bank to go take their fake ending at revs
  11. We went on an adventure