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  1. feastin well can only imagine how much rare screamed at getting a mace
  2. tweet about that ya dropkicks
  3. abyss tapped after 2 hits lmao hailie would last longer
  4. Abyss leaving ct was the best thing he ever did, but he still sucks ass
  5. Usual night, quick bang bang in the wild making sneaky looty. GSG tried to come get some hands and got 3-0'd before poking CT for help and massing to dbow/ballista. Still scrambled to singles but btw, was easy. 4-0 Hayden also got reduced to rag ballista to but so he 0-1'd himself funny haha lma0 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. Good fun that Imagine sparc mac tribe being better than ct
  7. Started a trip out in singles with the lads and found some good kills before deep dying out. The boys were still out for blood and decided to go out for a quick 10 man rev sweep, stealing bulk loot and maintaining the AEST #1. Sooner or later some DK members appeared in their torag ballistas and thought they could brute force us down. Little did they know but they left their banana plantations unguarded and with a swift poke, we gained an additional 9 members at 12am AEST to sandwich them and steal all their bananas and send them back to edgeville. DK remassed a further two times and continued to cop the hands until we called it enough torture for them after 3-0 at 1am AEST. Was fun, bring more torags and mystics next time pls.
  8. ur a fake russ give us the real russ