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  1. Stay shook Cutthroat

  2. So long story short, we knew both clans were out attempting to keep whatever remains of their clan alive.. The first few worlds we baited all ~10 of SV to log into a world before logged in with 35 (45 on ts) and dropped them on their foreheads, a few worlds down the list and we done the same to CT. Over the next 10 minutes they organised to try 2v1 us, with a combined 30 people.. We weren't at all deterred and stepped up to such an easy challenge. Over the next 90 minutes, we beat the absolute fuck out of both these clans, they had multiple regroups and got barraged out just as much. After transitioning through every single kid on the map, and while they took another regroup north, we took our ending and hit the road, with 39 Noongs. This makes day 3, same time tomorrow? Pictures:
  3. Headed out in the afternoon once the lads were home from work etc, killed a bunch of kids in single before getting word that CT were out attempting to small man.. big mistake on Bangz behalf. We caught them out in a few worlds in gear, looking like they would fight back, but unfortunately they resorted to their amulets of glory, next they tried to get in Ballista with 8 people, which as you guessed, ended in them dying every single time. After 5 deaths from Bangz, he was done for the night and called the trip. Pics:
  4. It seems as though some dead clans (SV/CT) are looking for salvage in the Aussie Timezone, not today. Quickly got the boys together and headed out to hit both Sovereign and Cutthroats small mans, and taxing the total worlds every now and again. Over the course of two hours we repetitively ran into these retards, who either teled out on sight or were left to die, can't imagine only pulling 5 people.. Pics in no order:
  5. Headed out to sweep the caves and pk ourselves some loot, fought some random bolters that go by moi cc and the 2kers tried to crash it, got cleared as well. Repeated this like 3-4 times while sweeping. Pics:
  6. Accumulated a few pictures over the last few days of smoking CT slaves and some random stank kills, few stakes, few +1s, enjoy.
  7. Abyss went out to do some Callisto, so we took their Veracs, much appreciated. Pics:
  8. Headed out to clear the Revenant caves for some LOOT, found plenty of bolt ragger teams and small man groups, then after a while we found Hitsquad in ahrims/karils, managed to bag the 2 kids in the stinkiest loot and finished off the left overs. Pics:
  9. Heard Cumthroat were heading out for their weekly AEST suicide trip, they tried posting this one a bit earlier this time so the cucks could aid them a lot faster than usual. We ran at them head first and just like usual they were absolutely no where to be found for the 20 minutes of suiciding before 10 RoT kids tried to rush in, we 1 hit all of them straight away and they had to bail for another 15 to mass properly, once RoT logged in for the second time with the 2kers we peaced. Headed back for round two/three, transitioned through CT magers like butter and farmer their callers til rod showed up. RoT must of had enough by around this time and Cutthroat ended only ~1hr into the prep, we continued pking for another hour or so clearing the caves before we peaced out. Pictures:
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