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  1. Originally went out to clear SV's small man and after killing their few stragglers/them ending, Fools attempted to kill one of our guys in single with 12-15. We went down to Hobs and helped get a box etc, before heading back to Revs. Fools didn't like this and came up to give us a scrap. We logged into W76 (german, shit ping) and kicked off the fight. We had it over them for the majority of the fight, while they started off with low ops and CL stayed steady at 35 for the whole fight, it was clear they had to suicide return for a bit to get numbers in game, few suicide barrage piles and regroups to the north were had too. To keep them from barraging a bit later on, we brought the fight south inside where their numbers didn't really count for much with their mages getting 1 hit/teleing and transitioning through their melee piles, then they attempted to drag it further north, after an hour/being late and happy with our performance, we grabbed our ending and hit the road. Pictures: https://i.gyazo.com/8e65fad8cb1b75f1033e5f3ccdbf23c6.mp4
  2. Let me kick this off with a big old LMFAO to RoT/SV/CT/Swede cucks on their weak attempt tonight. The shitshow began with a clean 1v1 with us against SV, clearly they knew it would be a beating and immediately had RoT to aid them on meds. After clearing rot off their meds and SV completely on the back foot/regrouping north east, we baited a fall in to the south and to no surprise the cucks logged in on the mains to take over. Eager for some late night action, we stepped up to the plate and fought these down syndromes 2v1, even the Liths showed up to make it a clean 2v2 and they still couldn't take the heat, Team Swedes and Cuckthroat then made an appearance with a whopping 6 people each! We fought regardless and transitioned through any cuck that stood in the way, once RoT fully massed with all their slaves on one teamspeak, we peaced. ALSO TY FOR ACB ZULU
  3. ty @Pranfor vidding
  4. ye @Bryce start of the week, never used pic
  5. Headed out to hold down some worlds and gather some lootie, Yuzla's freaks decided to 1 item in claws/ags so we took them both, a tent and a few crystal items too. https://medal.tv/clips/4056991/a30e4a042bda
  6. just ended btw 12am wheres was ct
  7. Knew CT were out attempting to get some clean action with Ibliys, NOPE. After a 5 day prep for this time last weekend, (with RoT). They had another dog shit attempt today, we crashed their fight and after being cleared in less than 2 minutes, they resorted to a Ballista trip.. It was quite clear half their members were bored as fuck and demoralised due to the 5 AFKers in every world we hit them in, we used the iBliys clan chat to bait them into each world and boyyyy, it worked EVERY TIME. Shout out to Waddler/Frost for getting caught in every world. Plenty more loot was found in single beforehand, enjoy the pics. Pictures:
  8. Kicked off the night by clearing the 2kers multiple times, to the point they had to stop PvMing while RoT could mass up (at 7am btw). While they were doing that, and people doing some FREE Rev PvM, we went to clear Bangz' 10 man ballista crew, after killing their stragglers 5-10 times, they called it. Shortly after we ran into SV's small man and swept them off the map in seconds, beast ordered for a regroup at the north door so we went up to join them for a bit, after spearing a few into multi and a few bolts they were on the way to edge. As expected, 45 minutes later, the cucks wheeled themselves into the caves to try battle. We hit them up with one last driveby while they got more people on. Pictures:
  9. Smoked the 2K/RoT cc earlier on in the night. Then a bit later we were out doing the usual, killing SV/CT small mans and sweeping the worlds. Hit the rot faggots kids earlier on in our trip knowing they would mass up and try something eventually, they attempted to rush us 90 minutes later with ~20 people and got barraged out seconds after logging in. Karate hit them with the one poke smoke and we farmed them with 40 men, after about 10 minutes of suiciding they stopped returning.
  10. We hopped around and bullied both CT/SV small mans again and again, even the Liths and Lil Cards had more balls to fight us in their ballistas. It wasn't long before the slave clans called it for the night and bitched out. Continued to sweep for the next few hours killing whatever we found, few single kills in there too. Pictures: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/536499314026086410/569488389787615252/Kill_No_Staker_2019-04-21_21-15-38.png
  11. absolute feast boys as per usual
  12. Stay shook Cutthroat

  13. So long story short, we knew both clans were out attempting to keep whatever remains of their clan alive.. The first few worlds we baited all ~10 of SV to log into a world before logged in with 35 (45 on ts) and dropped them on their foreheads, a few worlds down the list and we done the same to CT. Over the next 10 minutes they organised to try 2v1 us, with a combined 30 people.. We weren't at all deterred and stepped up to such an easy challenge. Over the next 90 minutes, we beat the absolute fuck out of both these clans, they had multiple regroups and got barraged out just as much. After transitioning through every single kid on the map, and while they took another regroup north, we took our ending and hit the road, with 39 Noongs. This makes day 3, same time tomorrow? Pictures:
  14. Headed out in the afternoon once the lads were home from work etc, killed a bunch of kids in single before getting word that CT were out attempting to small man.. big mistake on Bangz behalf. We caught them out in a few worlds in gear, looking like they would fight back, but unfortunately they resorted to their amulets of glory, next they tried to get in Ballista with 8 people, which as you guessed, ended in them dying every single time. After 5 deaths from Bangz, he was done for the night and called the trip. Pics:
  15. It seems as though some dead clans (SV/CT) are looking for salvage in the Aussie Timezone, not today. Quickly got the boys together and headed out to hit both Sovereign and Cutthroats small mans, and taxing the total worlds every now and again. Over the course of two hours we repetitively ran into these retards, who either teled out on sight or were left to die, can't imagine only pulling 5 people.. Pics in no order:
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