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  1. i added 110k of my own hard earned gp to make it 30m
  2. Headed out for a quick pk, bullied Yackeds small mans once again. Bgs'd a few plus ones and called it a night. Few pictures went MIA.
  3. Make sure everyone is using the new forums, post your drops/achievements, literally anything!

    1. Psilocybin


      i wanna see it all

    2. Trevor


      I would but I can't post pictures pal

    3. Trevor


      Pls fix so i can share my adventures with u

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  4. We headed out tonight keen on making some more money, the night started off slow only finding small +1s, but eventually we found ourselves some decent loot.
  5. I know right Davis... always some kid that sneaks of with something.
  6. After having a pretty packed up day - CT letting the clan world down and not coming out to suicide, our fight with Rev and crashing PD attempting to Pk. We were still hungry for loot. So we headed out and tested the Bgs meta everyone has been doing lately. We gained a whole heap of plus ones while the Yack pack (4 people) tip toed around us the entire time, every time we ran into them they would either suicide or just teleport out. Enjoy the pics.
  7. yeah good work rare, looks mint
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