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  1. We were out doing our thing sweeping Rev caves and eventually ran into Cutthroat, we toyed with them for a little by barraging out their mace attempts or simply catching their members in a world and slaying them for their set. Eventually with 40 in the channel and keen to give them another beating, we headed out and the fight kicked off straight away, but this time Cutthroat gave in earlier than usual and called Rot/PD/whoever else to aid them in yet another shit show. We barraged them out 3-4 times before help showed up, out performed once again retards. Before we went out to give them a beating.. Pictures show both sides of the fight, before/after crashers. Sucks to suck CT call daddy.
  2. I've heard a lot of shit talk from these clans over the last year but today just took the cake, whatever CTs mission was today.. it did not turn out well for them. Starting at 5:30PM AEST and ending at 10:30PM. CL Peaked at 38 while Cutthroat only peaked at a mere 26 people, even losing numbers throughout the 5 hour slaughter when they needed it the most. This didn't lead them astray as RoT/PD were instantly called to come save them, plus the endless amount of raggers. Revenant also showed up shortly after the chaos started. We were in no way deterred from fighting, we transitioned through every Cutthroat member that ever stepped foot into that cave, to the point they were cleared off the map, we kept the momentum high and killed endless amounts of CT trying to keep themselves ingame, time went on and by this point it was quite clear that RoT were only there to save CT from the beating they just took, I hope it was worth the fall in for torturing your members into suiciding like that. CL eventually called it a night with 10.0 kd ratio on CT. Pictures:
  3. Nothing much to say really, took plus 1's off anyone we ran into. Smoked some PD kids earlier in the day too. Pics:
  4. Our night initially started off with just heading out to do some bgsing and seeing what we could find, started out at around 11PM AEST and didn't end up finishing til around 2AM. And boy did we have some fun. Between Bgsing kills, we found a team who were baiting to north of Rev caves and trying to mace, the first time we gwased them we only managed to kill a handful, around 15 minutes later we got onto their bait who dragged us out east of mossies, with some nice timing and patience we caught them in a juicy clump. Vid of Gwas: After all of this and nearing the end of our trip, we bumped into CT. Everyone banked and returned with multi spells, kept the ~10-15 CT members busy while they tried to Bgs me (failed btw) the boys caught them in yet another juicy clump, taking a bgs at the same time (guy who got pic passed out), we cleared remaining CT members while they mass poked 3 whole times and desperately attempted to turn it into a fight. With CT peaking with 25, CL with 26, we thought fuck it and went to give them one last beating, we found their world instantly heh and quickly began transitioning through all CT until they had no choice but to leave the fight. (2am Aest) btw Pics in random order.
  5. steak for dinner instead of pizza yeow
  6. Went out in a small man to see what was out, we killed a handful of noobs before scouting PD around ng hill with 15 or so, we got the same numbers and headed back to look for them. After 5 minutes of scouting deep wilderness, and realizing they had moved, we went to Rev Caves in pursuit and soon enough we found them fighting an open cc. We logged in and quickly swept up PD until they only had 1-2 left ingame, this was when they decided they needed a little bit of backup (RoT/CT). We were happy with clearing them off the map and having to call 30 or so raggers to fight a 20v20, gf retards. Pictures in no order.
  7. Headed out for a quick sweep and killed a bunch of random small teams, ty for loot.
  8. Scouted CT Bgsing, so we got 1 item barrage and ruined a heap of their kills, took a bgs straight from waka2chins cold dead hands, then we geared up to give them a fight but they ran away and ended.
  9. stay strong buckdeep, it will all be over soon

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