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  1. Headed out to clear the Revenant caves for some LOOT, found plenty of bolt ragger teams and small man groups, then after a while we found Hitsquad in ahrims/karils, managed to bag the 2 kids in the stinkiest loot and finished off the left overs. Pics:
  2. Heard Cumthroat were heading out for their weekly AEST suicide trip, they tried posting this one a bit earlier this time so the cucks could aid them a lot faster than usual. We ran at them head first and just like usual they were absolutely no where to be found for the 20 minutes of suiciding before 10 RoT kids tried to rush in, we 1 hit all of them straight away and they had to bail for another 15 to mass properly, once RoT logged in for the second time with the 2kers we peaced. Headed back for round two/three, transitioned through CT magers like butter and farmer their callers til rod showed up. RoT must of had enough by around this time and Cutthroat ended only ~1hr into the prep, we continued pking for another hour or so clearing the caves before we peaced out. Pictures:
  3. Cutthroat thought they could do some sort of AEST ballista trip today to build moral for their desperately dying clan, we watched them attempt to fight Ibliys and be cleared almost instantly by them (open cc kids btw). CT starting: 15 ballistas CL starting: 30 coons, peaked at 40. We weren't even going to do anything until they poked TS to try fight ibliys again properly, we massed at the same time as CT and headed up right behind them. We logged into their world and put pressure on Cutthroat immediately, within the first 5 minutes they were pushing black dragons, cleared off the map and eager for some sort of regroup. We followed and continued to transition through them for the next 90 minutes straight, more and more time went by and RoT decided to show face, we immediately switched to them due to CT being non existent for the majority of the fight, transitioned through these retards just as fast and barraged both parties out multiple times. The fight continued on for just over 2 hours of CT/RoT suiciding hand in hand, looking forward to the next one cucks! Pictures: https://gyazo.com/88fc0bb8f3e412476c1f72686743c32f
  4. 20 Billion Runescape Gold PiecesĀ 

  5. MoNeY gAnG, seriously though good shit accomplishing this. Real Kings of Aest baby
  6. Heard through the grapevine that Cutthroat were expecting to go mace on a prep in the Australian Timezone, we couldn't allow that.. Karate whipped out his nokia 3310 and sent a quick SMS to the lads instructing to come own the anime lovers. Potent ordered for a swift regroup and we were on our way. We hit them right at the beginning of their prep and barraged them out as they were macing a kill, they desperately attempted to suicide return for 30 minutes, having no more than 5 on the map at any point, bailed as RoT were logging in on meds attempting to tb, LOL. <19:09:11> "Fumblers": i stood in edge for couple mins <19:09:14> "Fumblers": 17 ct dead 5 cl <19:09:15> "Fumblers": LOL We waited for CT to regroup and head back to the middle of Revs, logged into their world again and the slaughter continued for another 30mins, peaced once they were cleared off the map and rot kids trickling in. Repeated this one last time until CT ts began to crumble and the trip was coming to an end, see you next time Pictures: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Headed out to Revs knowing the 1750 kids would be jam packed full of loot, cleared out every world taking a ZGS and a Vig Mace on top of the mils of loot in the bags, repeated this 30x until they started 1 iteming. Killed a shit load of other kids too for stank, cleared VR 2-3 times in the process. ZGS: Mace: The rest:
  8. Zzzzzz no sign of the allianceĀ 

  9. Spent the whole day fucking up anyone we came across. After demolishing CT and making them end their trip earlier this afternoon, we were still pretty hungry for some loot, next on the list was OG Lucky and his shitter team that have been a bit too cocky lately. We managed to 3-0 them over an hour period for close to ~40m in loot. We eventually finished up singles as it dried up and weren't finding that much, we saw Abyss getting ready to go deep in a mass of about 50, we set ourselves up just south of members gate and got a cheeky gwas to start things off, after about 10 or so minutes of fighting they were all gone/remassing at edge. Hit him one more time over at new gate and he ended not long after getting cleared. Last but not least, we headed over to the Rev caves to give the 1750 retards the quick smoke, they only lasted one return in gear and resorted to 1 item for the rest of the night. Pictures: (no order)
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