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  1. put 15 holes in Beasts boat lmfao
  2. We kicked our day off with a bit of single, bumped into some guys who go by the name of Solidtag? After fighting them for a bit we managed to kill two of them for some stanky loot. Plus an AGS in there too. Not long after this, we got wind of GSG trying to port lure, we sent someone in on the portal and right as they thought they had us, we ported in with another 10 and swept them under the rug. Spent the rest of our night doing whatever we felt like, ending up sweeping the caves with ballistas and made some quick bank.
  3. We knew CT would make another attempt to prep early AEST today in hopes of gaining some moral or clean action, we let them hop the caves for about 20 minutes, thinking they were safe with their whopping 15 man pull! Proceeded to log into their world solo and baited them all to login, we rushed them from the south and immediately put pressure on every caller, it was a brave attempt by CT attempting to suicide return with ~15 while RoT massed in Draynor, little to no surprise they were not quick enough and let them get cleared only 15 minutes in! A bunch of single loot in here as well. Pictures:
  4. CT had posted a 1 week prep for around 4PM AEST today, we got the lads together and went to disrupt any sort of clean action they thought they could get. We waited patiently in Revs for CT to take the initial bait and get dragged into Black Dragons, we flew into them and completely wiped them off the map before any RoT/SV could back them up (10 steps ahead btw). We got a cheeky ENDING btw and went for a bank, now it was SV and RoTs turn to take the beating, they made a horrible attempt to sandwich us in the black dragons, SV lasted a whole 15 seconds to the west (got barraged out, no surprise) while RoT (12) got cleared out 2 minutes later to the east and had to call mummy to save the day. Once CT decided to Pk again without SV+RoT in their pocket, we crashed their fight with community and once again completely fucked these kids up until the cucks could re mass. Vid: Pictures:
  5. Psilocybin

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    Good shit pran
  6. Initially went out and killed off SV's small man, they were literally done within the first 5 minutes of us going out. We hopped around and swept for a little bit, then we harassed the 2K faggots until RoT massed to come fight and boy they brought everyone they could. RoT logged into us and were mass suiciding for the first hour+ until they could get backup, It was basically us against RoT, SV, CT, 1750s and whoever else showed their face, despite being heavily outnumbered we still cooked the fuck out of these retards for almost 2 hours. Pics:
  7. Headed out and crashed Sv+Ibliys fighting, smoked both sides for just over 30 minutes until they eventually stopped returning, cucks tried to barrage our ending and caught 2 people lmao. Pics:
  8. Originally went out to clear SV's small man and after killing their few stragglers/them ending, Fools attempted to kill one of our guys in single with 12-15. We went down to Hobs and helped get a box etc, before heading back to Revs. Fools didn't like this and came up to give us a scrap. We logged into W76 (german, shit ping) and kicked off the fight. We had it over them for the majority of the fight, while they started off with low ops and CL stayed steady at 35 for the whole fight, it was clear they had to suicide return for a bit to get numbers in game, few suicide barrage piles and regroups to the north were had too. To keep them from barraging a bit later on, we brought the fight south inside where their numbers didn't really count for much with their mages getting 1 hit/teleing and transitioning through their melee piles, then they attempted to drag it further north, after an hour/being late and happy with our performance, we grabbed our ending and hit the road. Pictures: https://i.gyazo.com/8e65fad8cb1b75f1033e5f3ccdbf23c6.mp4
  9. Let me kick this off with a big old LMFAO to RoT/SV/CT/Swede cucks on their weak attempt tonight. The shitshow began with a clean 1v1 with us against SV, clearly they knew it would be a beating and immediately had RoT to aid them on meds. After clearing rot off their meds and SV completely on the back foot/regrouping north east, we baited a fall in to the south and to no surprise the cucks logged in on the mains to take over. Eager for some late night action, we stepped up to the plate and fought these down syndromes 2v1, even the Liths showed up to make it a clean 2v2 and they still couldn't take the heat, Team Swedes and Cuckthroat then made an appearance with a whopping 6 people each! We fought regardless and transitioned through any cuck that stood in the way, once RoT fully massed with all their slaves on one teamspeak, we peaced. ALSO TY FOR ACB ZULU
  10. ty @Pranfor vidding
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