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  1. We headed out close to 6 hours ago, and hunted the entire SV alliance for hours on end, they probably got cleared a total of 15 times tonight. They would go from having gear, to 1 item, to ballista, to addy, and so on, and they got fucked each and every time. Always resorting to a regroup or hiding in dragons/entrance PUSSYS. https://streamable.com/al36p https://streamable.com/fvmlw Vid: Pics:
  2. We headed out with 20~ Ballista's and free roamed the cave all night with little to no competition, came across many random teams and PvMers. We clashed with the liths a few times and they eventually came back for a fight nearing the end of our trip, as well as a streamer logging in half way through. We fought until both sides were cleared and took our ending, ty for action. Pics:
  3. Won't go into much detail but we owned everyone and filled out loot bags to the brim. Pics:
  4. We originally headed out with 25 of the lads to end SV's trip, and as per usual SV would end after the first hit and not bother pking for the rest of the night. Next up we headed to 1750 and 2K to clear them out of any pvmers etc, after clearing the worlds a few times they decided to link up and come for a fight. Lasting a whole 15 minutes before getting cleared, we continued sweeping and while hitting the 1750's, some retard PvMer decided to skull up and die for his craw/dinhs, making it the second for the day. https://streamable.com/cbnic
  5. We got wind that PD were out with Latinos and SOG with a combined 50+, we were due to go out a bit later in the day but after some miscommunication and already having 30 ready to go, we went up regardless. It took about 5 minutes before we found PD's world and kicked off the first fight, we took control immediately and had them down to nothing straight away. They called the Latinos/Sog but they didn't really count for much after a few barrage clumps, they fought for around 15 minutes before getting cleared. We reset and waited for their regroup. While we gained and they dropped, a brutal 15 minutes of listening to bigheadache went by before they ran back down together. We logged into their world and once again took full control, while pushing them further and further south before they would inevitably get cleared for a second time. They ended straight after.. Vid: quality fked up 4 some reason Pics:
  6. It was a pretty eventful Saturday in the wilderness, we originally started small manning deep wilderness and actually found a few teams for once. We cleared out a 10 man group at Newgate hill before finding a handful of kids in 18 Gds, who didn't last too long either. Next we headed to altar and found SV cowering inside, one paniced so hard he ran right into us and lost an archer ring? After killing a handful more, they ran into single's and booked it south to tele out. Didn't see much more of them after that. We moved to Revs and constantly hit the 1750's and 2K's over the course of the night, fought a random streamer a few times and ended off the night with a small matched opts fight with AE. Bunch of extra kill pics from the last few days in here too. Ty for action AE and the rest.
  7. OLK and BIGHEADACHE were out in singles prior to us going multi, they managed to 1 hit a SV rat in multi for his AGS, excuse the terrible picture but headache had to move quickly after trading his claws over. After a bit of single we headed out because SV were trying to hide around Callisto, we logged into them and killed a handful before moving to Revs. We killed a heap of random noobs while sweeping and eventually SV attempted to log in and fight, for a whole 2 minutes due to getting barraged out twice, then teleing zzz. 10 minutes went by and they tried again, and got cleared for a second time. They then went into Ballista's and continued to die to us in every few worlds for the rest of the night. Pics:
  8. Earlier on today, we heard through the grapevine that CT were attempting to fight the Ibliys with a huge 13 people. We sat and we watched, as they suicided for a 15 good minutes before we decided to log in and finish the fight off. Managed to smite two of the retards for ZGS as they attempted to run away. We headed out later on in the night and chased SV out, after only 1 hit they ended their trip. The rest of the night was sweeping random teams/baws squad streamer for stank.
  9. Headed out for a sweep with the lads and ran into quite a bit of action. Had a few scraps with ibliys while both of us were trying to barrage catch sparc mac hopping in his DD, after these few scraps, we set up in a different world and waited for sparcy to log in. Shortly after this, we decided to fuck with the SV kids hiding in single at the entrance, we logged into them multiple times in the corridor as they attempted to follow Sparc Mac's worlds and repetitively killed them. We continued to sweep for a another few hours killing random teams/1750s.
  10. love drowning cunts in baby pools skeet skeet
  11. Look i'm gonna need atleast 10% of those claws or it's game over, jk good shit fellas
  12. Decided to whip out the ballista's tonight for something different, and we wiped out everyone we came across. Shame SV/CT are non existent these days and don't bother fighting anymore. We farmed the 2k kids multiple times for some stank and took a few +1's as we went. Pics:
  13. We spent majority of the night just sweeping caves and hunting CT/SV small mans, killing shitter teams and luring the odd single pker into multi. Managed to get claws off one of them. Pics:
  15. if its gyazo its a no go
  16. Just went about sweeping as we usually do, kept running into the same small man teams over and over. No one who would actually fight back for more than 15 seconds. Some good loot as always. Pics:
  17. i've honestly lost count @Bullys
  18. Just a little sweep, nothing much to fight apart from a few small man teams. Some stank loot though.
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