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  1. We spent a good part of the last week running around the high risk worlds at all hours of the day and night, gaining loot totaling over 1.5b. Heaps of pictures were MIA or never got sent, could be closer to 2b. A bit of multi and single in here too.
  2. Headed out for a cheeky sweep on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, it was a feast from the get go and after a while we were on a fucking roll. A total of 10 +1s from protectors, a mixture of CPK, SR, PLEX, 2K's. Managed to also lure a few lost lads on their way to KFC for two sets of claws. Pics/gifs in no order. Claw 1: https://streamable.com/04cl87 Claw 2: https://streamable.com/emq268 AGS: https://streamable.com/e7o1q8 +1 pics:
  3. Nothing much to say just another night of ownage by CL, many +1's were taken and made all total worlds break within 30 minutes of out 4 hour clean up. Pics:
  4. Safe to say these cunts got victimized like always, forced to copy RoT in every way and suiciding like dogs. We chased them around for hours until they dropped from ~45 to ~15, after it being an official shit show and these niggas hiding in singles half the night we peaced. Pics:
  5. You all know how it goes by now, all these clans have been trying to be online at any time of the day, only to get farmed at an incredible rate and further embarrass themselves each time. Combined, CPK, SV, TS, and RoT only had 35-40 people, clearly not enough.. We logged into RoT right as they hit a Moi world and they were immediately on the back foot, then to no surprise and only a few minutes in, they were forced into the corridor, then to black dragons, it was there we farmed them for the next few hours until they were basically hiding in single. We took multiple endings waiting for them to come fight but after not budging, we hit the road. Pics:
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