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  1. Originally went out to just sweep and see what was about, ended up running into the Ibliys guys and had a few clean scraps with them throughout the night. Regardless of the number difference we transitioned through them and barraged them out every time. Pics:
  2. Headed out to Revs for a little sweep and cleared everyone we came across, also some stank single kills from the last 2-3 days, enjoy. Pictures:
  3. free shit, get smoked 2k shitters
  4. Went out for a quick sweep, ran into some Lith team and a bunch of other random shitters. Pics:
  5. Headed out to Revs to see what we could find, after a few worlds we ran into OAC and had a brief scrap before they ran south/dipped. Bumped into them in the next few worlds, after they had regrouped and had a decent 30 minute fight with these guys before they eventually got cleared. Later on in the night we came across the ibliys, cleared them out pretty quick both times after some swift barrage clumps and one hits. And to top it off, we caught Abyss at just the right moment in the north east corridor as they ran down into Revs, ended his stream not long after. The rest of our night just consisted of killing random teams/anyone else we come across. Still no sign of CT o.o Pics:
  6. Went back and fourth between the Rev caves/Hitting Halsey stream for some quick loot, made the Lil turds end their 10 man trip as well, no sign of CT tonight Pictures:
  7. The weekend warriors assembled 32 on this fine Sunday evening to give the retard alliance a taste of this kangaroo cock, we started at revs and cleared Lil tards/SV's joined trip 3-4 times before CT decided to show their faces, only to get completely wiped off the map minutes into the fight, well before the tweeters could save them. With these 4 clans pking in each others pockets, we got 35 Javelin throwing apes and set out to end every single one of them. RoT being the first to tap out. CT being the second. (bangz rage quit) After these two decided to end, we went multiple worlds and killed off the remaining Cards/Sv. Pics: Few pictures from the beating CT took yesterday as well
  8. Headed out to the Caves to get ourselves some looty, owned a heap of random teams and fought the Liths a few times. Pictures:
  9. Headed out for a bit of a cheeky PK on this fine afternoon and were looking to kick off a shit show like we usually do, went into Rev caves with 35 coons and started off by smoking the little tards, they suicided just like we expected, for a pain staking 45 minutes.. It was only then CT decided to come out of hiding, then when that wasn't enough and after another 30 minutes went by, the twitter clan logged in to "save" the day. We peaced and watched both these clans end immediately after, we went back up and quickly cleared out PR + WG in the first few worlds. Shortly after we found PD in a world idle and started off a scrap with them, both sides had their moments and after 45 minutes of fighting the tweeters decided to show up (with only 30 lmao). We switched straight onto RoT and had them screaming to Christy for black up. While they suicided, CT re massed and just as they were about to log in, we peaced out. Pictures:
  10. Hit up the Rev Caves for a quick sweep, had a few fights with the Liths and cleared a heap of random teams/pvmers. Vid: Pictures: