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  1. Safe to say these cunts got victimized like always, forced to copy RoT in every way and suiciding like dogs. We chased them around for hours until they dropped from ~45 to ~15, after it being an official shit show and these niggas hiding in singles half the night we peaced. Pics:
  2. You all know how it goes by now, all these clans have been trying to be online at any time of the day, only to get farmed at an incredible rate and further embarrass themselves each time. Combined, CPK, SV, TS, and RoT only had 35-40 people, clearly not enough.. We logged into RoT right as they hit a Moi world and they were immediately on the back foot, then to no surprise and only a few minutes in, they were forced into the corridor, then to black dragons, it was there we farmed them for the next few hours until they were basically hiding in single. We took multiple endings waiting for them to come fight but after not budging, we hit the road. Pics:
  3. We headed out for a brief hit on the newly formed alliance of CPK/SV/1750s, after giving the few cpk that were left, the smoke, the other two parties decided to completely end their trips.. right on time. Or was it? We hit the 1750's in caves until they were down to nothing, and with the 5 sv in BH boosting for more looting bags (LMFAO), we hit up 2k's, after a few quick hits on their PvMers they decided to come help the 1750's on our next run through. This was inevitably the beginning of their 4 hour suicide attempt with SV/1750s/2K, video will show you what I mean. https://streamable.com/fy545 https://streamable.com/2vebe https://streamable.com/lfk9a Vid: Pics: ty for staff down syndrome, even got the scales...
  4. Yikes, i got 3 pets in like 50 kc
  5. Headed out for some weekend action and chased CPKS 30 man stream for about an hour before they called it, not long after we ended up bumping into Latinos with 35. We fought them multiple times over the course of the next 3-4 hours and smoked them every time despite any number difference. Cpk and the Latinos linked up and gave us a few brief scraps before they both called it and ended for the night. Smoked out a heap of 1750/2K kids though out the trip. Vid: https://streamable.com/6q7lx Pics:
  6. Bit of single, bit of macing, bit of bullying 1750/2k.
  7. We grabbed out our ballistas and roamed the cave 1 hitting everything we came across, we bullied the 1750s/2k to point that both decided to close. Pics:
  8. Maybe as a long term goal, I wouldn't grind for it or anything.
  9. Heard through the grapevine that SV were having a 'huge' 8 man pk, rounded up the boys and we went on a hunt killing them world after world. After killing about 10 of them across the worlds it went dead for 10-15, where could they be? You guested it, massing with 1750's @ 91 ent (how obvious). We kicked off the fight outnumbered but as you all know they aren't much of a challenge to begin with.. They teled out after a brief 10 minutes of fighting, zzz. Round two they suicide returned in gear for about 15mins before both sides ended completely! LOL!
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