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  1. Just went about sweeping as we usually do, kept running into the same small man teams over and over. No one who would actually fight back for more than 15 seconds. Some good loot as always. Pics:
  2. i've honestly lost count @Bullys
  3. Just a little sweep, nothing much to fight apart from a few small man teams. Some stank loot though.
  4. A little birdy told me that SV were hopping around the caves with 10-15 Ballistas, avoiding us at all costs, of course. Rounded up the boys and went out to end any sort of action they planned on having, we hit them in a few worlds and took a few ballista's, then after a good 15 minutes of them being lobbied, the birdy sent me a link and their trip was over. Shortly after SV ended, the idea was too annoy the 2K's enough for RoT to mass (multiple times) for nothing. We cleared the 2K worlds a few times and had a few wait for them to aid the 1750's. A bit of time went by and they eventually logged into us north east, we caught a few clumps on them in the corridor and tactically single to multi'd the dogs, until they were booking it south. Pics;
  5. We were out and about between singles/multi, smited a few +1's throughout the day as we went. A bit later in the night AE approached us for a small 15v15 deep wild, we accepted of course and dominated the whole time. Vid: Pics:
  6. Headed out for the daily tax run on all the skill total worlds, and a little bonus as well tonight when SV thought it was alright to pk. We initially logged straight into them hoping for some sort of fight, but you guessed it.. THEY RAN, LIKE ALWAYS! Next up they tried to Ballista, after following them through about 5 worlds and killing 15+, beast was a bit demoralised and called the trip there. The rest of the night was bullying shitters and the skill total worlds. Pics:
  7. Not much to say, swept for a few hours, also popped into the 1750's real quick nearing the end of our trip and high jacked some +1's. Bullied some 2K kids shortly after and had a brief scrap with CT in the 2k worlds before clearing them. Pics:
  8. We just headed out for an hour or so to see what was about, ended up coming across some stanky loot and smiting a few +1s. Bullied the moi world kids and chased CT's 5 man trip to the ditch. Pics:
  9. Originally went out for a little sweep, found a few random small teams to begin with Moi world, SR, etc. Got a bit bored of that, so we went into the 2K's to sweep them out, old mate Guwop thought it'd be a good idea to type on his keyboard instead of drinking his potions, then got smited for his AGS two second's after talking shit. They were not happy AT ALL after this and assumed we only had a handful sweeping 2k's, we hit the 1750's a few minutes later and RoT logged in with ~15 people to our 35. Bad move on their part, as they then decided to suicide return to us for the next 2 hours, we transitioned through them one after the other, they would even end up calling the 2K cc, Unk's, CT, Team Sweden along the way to try aid them, and every single one of them got fucked in the ass. Sums up the entire fight: https://streamable.com/wo0wq Pictures: (there's alot)
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