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  1. We headed out at around 3PM with a handful of men to get some loot at the Rev Caves, after about 30 or so minutes clearing the worlds. One team that goes by hitsquad asked us to rm at gds instead of at revs, we quickly geared and headed up, although outnumbered we still managed to transition through them until they stopped returning. Went back out a bit later on in the night and logged into the ibliys/cleared them out for good loot, also found SV in a world and cleared them out completely, after 10 minutes of them massing at the entrance they decided to rush down again, we hopped straight back into their world and started 1 hitting their melee pile/magers, barraged them out a few times as well, after SV started returning in 1 item/double hides we hit the road. Pictures: no order
  2. Headed out for a pk on this fine afternoon and gathered ourselves quite a bit of loot, had a couple of skirmishes with the ibliys and SV. Pictures:
  3. With the new Revenant Cave update, we got some of the boys together and headed out for a feast. AND WE FEASTED. Pictures: (pked 2nd maul after split, missed tbow as well)