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  1. Tonight we headed out with 20 men and quickly cleared out a few random locations such as Deep Altar/Deep Wilderness. We then moved onto Rev Caves where we had 3 fights against the Ibliys open cc, getting some pretty decent clumps on them each time we clashed. Although they got some pretty quick regroups and re rushed us as we were grabbing our loot, we still cleared them every time. Our last engagement with them, CT attempted to log in and barrage us out, resulting in them getting barraged out themselves. With 26 in the channel, getting 2v1'd and knowing they would be cocky (mass merge and all) we teled out and went deep to newgate. Within a minute they logged into our world and immediately got barraged out and pretty much cleared off the map. Yacked sounded the siren to all of CT and they began to mass poke. We transitioned through their melee pile while catching them in some ridiculous clumps all over the map and through the gate. Vid: (uploading) On login btw Pictures from Ibliys/CT fights:
  2. Headed out for a quick sweep of Rev Caves and found quite a bit of free loot, plenty of randoms were slayed tonight. Pics:
  3. Headed out for the daily rounds and found ourselves some free loot.
  4. Gage

    ty ct

    free money
  5. We headed out for a little pk and cleared a few random teams, eventually bumping into the mighty mass merge clan Cuckthroat. With the boys keen on running a train on these jokers, we quickly gained to 32 and went in balls deep to give them a beating. We took control of the fight from the get go until CT could wake everyone up from their beds, and the usual 5-10 rot faggots showing their faces. The fight went on for around ~90mins, despite being out numbered we continued to transition through their melee piles and barraging them out multiple times. Pictures:
  6. yacked got CLAPPED
  7. Headed out today and ending up running into CT, regardless of being outnumbered we stayed and fought for around 40 minutes. Shortly after fighting CT we came across two CC's fighting around newgate with a combined ~40 people, we quickly got in game and made quick work of both sides. bullied ibliys like 5x too prot item not on
  8. all rats gotta die tho

  9.  19:45:27 - "[Senses] Senses" pokes you: y u such a edater

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