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  1. multi +singles cleared
  2. Summary There was plenty of action tonight during AEST in both singles and multi. The night started off on singles strip where we scouted a CPK member in Sol + DCB risk. Unfortunately for him, months of experience in suicide barrage would not help him in this situation. Once we worked him down a bit, a full tb was landed and our #1 focuser @Oddcloth made quick work of him. The boys spilt off to multi and singles but were quickly united back when the GSG & Zinger alliance landed a full tb on one of our lads. As they cornered our lads in GWDz with 20 ops, the boys from multi swarmed in from all direction, bolting every white dot on the map and making them all tele. Bad luck GSG & Zinger alliance, you’ll need at least 50 to get a kill on one of our boys. After spoiling the party for anti-CL, we headed to the rev caves to visit our regular victims hiding in the total worlds. With 35 in the channel, we decided to have some fun and gear up in full ninja turtle type shit with holiday items. These self-imposed handicaps didn’t stop us as we basically one hit everyone on login, forcing them to close pvm and merge CCs with 4 clans. Even then, we continued to bully them, chasing them all the way to entrance multiple times. Another dominant night for CL, can anyone compete with us? Singles Kill Gif : https://i.gyazo.com/f3de319884bb20dc4e2f3f741acec663.mp4 Multi Some sick gear set ups Pvm Closed Spams Lootz
  3. They make it so ez. Who's next to break
  4. Summary Tonight, we had a planned CWA but the boys were itching for some early action. Karate’s spy network showed that CPK were on a bally trip so we decided to sweep their worlds, forcing them to gear up in rag barrage. While they waited for us, we went ahead with our event. The event was a huge success with all our members, old and new, improving in calling, following piles and tanking. As the night continued, the boys geared up in their finest mace gear and went on the hunt for some ez +1s. In just 1 hour, we managed to secure 5 +1s from the anti-CL alliance with a 100% strike rate. Well done to all the lads. We ended the trip with another sweep of totals, reminding them once again that AEST is our timezone. MACING SWEEPS
  5. anti CL loses again
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