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  1. Sunday afternoon i was just opening up my browser to watch some brazzers(hd btw) to cap off a solid day of work. As I pulled out ole mate timothy to give him a tug I heard the alarms sound in the far distance, ignoring for a couple minutes to concentrate on timothy those alarms became quite the distraction, I gave in and geared up and went up to the Revenant caves in world 86. With Chivalry Legions being the more superior clan we decided to stay in top notch gear while we completely sharted on sv and their adamant armour. Some random ass team decided to get involved which annoyed me because i got timothy on a half chub here and i need to sort him out, so I called a push south to kill off all those kids sniping yeah? After that we ran back on sv and ran a fucken train through their addy, within 20minutes they left and stayed in single, leaving us to take an ending. After a brief flame at edge we noticed they went back up. Being the honor and good sported clan that we are we decided to give sv another go, but this time we dropped into addy as well, let's just say this lasted 2minutes and sv didn't want the hands. We the took another ending and left leaving some sv members a bit angry with their Filipino leader Also, don't expect to close into rev with that trash ass quality. pics.
  2. absolutely 1 sided fight, your booters don't do shit either. gg was ez.
  3. if only ct could fight 1v1
  4. with rot on me throughout the whole 5 hour fight, i still managed to run a train on all kekekekekkeke names l0l ZU did the keke better btw.