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  1. They keep bending over for this Aussie dick
  2. I'm just going to bring sol/occult and Sara strike me some more +1s next time. next week the lot of them will be gear capped to leaf bladed b-axes
  3. such a fun night, they suicide for me for 4 whole hours
  4. well, sv finally did something.... not the greatest move though, next move close maybe?? good shit though boys.
  5. farmed, so fucking easy but you have to feel sorry for them as they clear so easily, get gwased every minute and are reduced to nothing but snakeskin and p necks. close already
  6. Big big, yesterday was a feast. what must hey be telling these pvmers to make them think their so safe fucken hell
  7. good day, cheers to AE for another clean fight too.
  8. singles pkers need to stay in singles or get farmed
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