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  1. Went out for the dailies, Caught Ibilys fighting OAC. Knowing PD would come aid their minions, we flew in, Barraging and smoking everyone at the fight, clearing the fight. We continued pking, making bank etc as the arvo went on. enjoy pics Clan World.
  2. The late night bandits went out on a trip. Coming across PR, and eliminating them with ease. Many times. Next up was DK, the fight began, CL took control and proceeded to gwas and smoke through their men. Clearing them from the caves. Enjoy Pics clan world. ft.Claws from SV.
  3. CL got word PD were macing, we quickly massed up and gwased them out. Starting the first fight off with 20, we easily cleared PD. Second engagement PD called ibily recruits for morale support, CL took on the fight 2v1. CL at this stage with 25 on TS and Gaining, PD were gasping for air and degearing Within 45 minutes of fighting. PD were desperate, calling in 20 Rotters to come help them. On that, it was clear CL were too good. Enjoy pics, Stay shit PD/ROT LMFAO
  4. CL emerged into the rev caves on a pk sweep in AEST. We stumbled upon, PD attempting to mace. They must of been mad, after getting dropped. PD attempted to fight us. CL quickly hit 30 on ts and gaining. Getting Clumps and 1 hitting Pd all over the map. PD got the hands. We continued on pking, killing GSG whales and sv kids. Enjoy pics clan world.
  5. All the clans listed above got smoked, from 3pm AEST till 1am , CL did good shit , good shit. enjoy pics clan world.
  6. 31 men v 100 sparcs lmfao gj CL
  7. CL was about the wilderness for a dream time walk, hearing a bicycle bell ringing , followed up by a window licker with a helmet. CL set about to steal crayons, and puncture tyre's, from singles to multi. Stay fucking retarded CT/GSG. Priyen true skill drew doctor ash toxi
  8. CL went out for the daily patrol of AEST. Finding Frozen fury, were we fought on NG, Pd tried to crash and got the Cock. CL continued on sweeping the caves. Later it went into GMT timezone, we ran into Fools. We engaged in a 30 minute cap, with Fools having just under 40, while CL peaked at 34 on TS at 1am. Enjoy pics clan world
  9. Went out for some good pk times, killed kids. Drank tears, belly was full. Enjoy pics, Yuyevon is a tap out/wahhhh
  10. CL's Sunday was a solid one. Word on the grapevine, caught us good farming action on CT v PD, Peaking at 35, barraging massive piles and taking loot from The Knee benders. Later in the day, casually sweeping caves and singles. The Moped's tried to boast new tyres...but were quickly slashed with CL bullying them from singles to multi then singles lmfao. Enjoy pics ladies.
  11. CL hit CT's 8 day prep to AEST. CL were hyped as CT have been MIA for 6 weeks. Off the bat we Peaked at 38, barraging and raping CT for plus 1's. Fatty lost an ags to our boy murky. After 2.5hrs of the Suicide Clan playing the outlast game, inviting SV and waiting for RoT to wake up. (losing 1m+ a return) We called it a night at 11.30pm (Imagine pulling 30 from a 100+ml only to die on spawn.) Good fucking shit CL.
  13. CLmassed up 24 stronk Roo's, and stepped foot into EST time zone (7pm). We baited Lemon into a gwas, where their 12 man mace team was gwas'd out. After this we kept hopping finding no other clan, besides stream's. We took work to have some fun and proceeded to gwas kids. After 3-4 hours of pking we called it a day. Enjoy pics lads. https://i.imgur.com/CASvPVB.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/6QhAXwD.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/d2ogeR6.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/3Tp2Mqr.gifv @Rare decided to link sparc a song.
  14. Good shit men. Happy as a fly on shit
  15. Karate

    big looty

    Lol beast topic
  16. Chivalry Legions went out for a Rev Sweep, Peaking at 37 on ts, we swept the worlds of Runescape smoking everything we came across, Rare browned out and had a asthma attack. Soon after losing our #1 rainbow warrior we called it a night #KingsofAest Enjoy kill pics, no order.