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  1. Karate

    Another One

    Our boy Pran recorded us (CL) having 37 on ts smoking the RoT alliance at 11pm AEST.
  2. CL went out for a roam, of the AEST on a friday night. We bullied SV for 95% of the night until they tapped. From multi, SV had a piss poor attempt to hit us. With a swift poke CL was gaining warriors, insta 1hitting the retards to singles, lasting 4 minutes. From their they were further humiliated by going 21-0 in singles. Stay the fuck EZ sv. Call daddy next time, its more fun. https://i.imgur.com/Z6ABge6.mp4
  3. Roamed free once again in our timezone. puff puff fanboys. Pics https://i.gyazo.com/31e34dd294df06acc428924a39c5ddfe.mp4
  4. holyshit, rot alliance been doing the same shit since 2014, one big cuck merge
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