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  1. CL went out fucked shit up, you know the drill. picked on PD's unit. GF DI, CT MERGE #6
  3. Good fucking Shit men, CT Smoked. Result CL WINS, CT called ROT LMFAO
  4. Smoked up the wilderness and couldn't breathe lool Ran into Rendual and co. Gf Infliction V2 Respect. btw hot pocket Ethan Browned out.
  5. You know the drill bitches, Enjoy. Insert propaganda here. https://www.videosprout.com/video?id=434f03b7-57ff-473f-a2f5-d1c41c54168e Please Note If you are afraid of adult content. Please do not click the link provided by lucas from his mobile.
  6. We hit up revs and mid way through the pk, Roonscape had an update with some pvmer shit about mossies..etc... CL seen the CT Aest Unit, hiding in the sewers under varrock, Awaiting for Master Christy to feed em. Enjoy the pics, lads we enjoyed it hahahaahha