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  1. Karate

    Day Out.

    Due to Yuyevon Being a Stoner, the Topic was delayed. CL massed up 26 Red jocks and continued to patrol the AEST timezone, looking for Lewts. We came across a few members of CT/SV , Clashed with randoms and smoked the open cc ibily's lmfao. Good fun, Enjoy the pics. Stay Active Lads.
  2. Aight so... Here's some local Heroes iv met and know of Irl. Adrian aka a Uni Teen that cooked himself, and grew Old , Drugs are bad. - Next is Steve, He got cooked and burnt down the local Chicken Treat, then told channel 7 wheres hes from. -
  3. Patrol'd the borders, killed some kids made bank. Scrapped with SV a few times, Even Rot had a appearance, GF lads, respek. Enjoy pics, https://i.gyazo.com/56fd128d12b804f7b0da2bb029cddcb9.mp4
  4. Started off the day scouting some SV men, Shortly after scrapping with SV, We came into contact with CT, to whom we were smoking off the bat, We gained to 29 on TS , after roughly 1 hr of fighting. FOOLS logged in and clearly had a agenda for creating a cluster. GF Fools, GF SV, Christy...how could u get spawn killed at rev entrance for 6hrs?? Smh Embarrassing TY for staff LOL
  5. Karate


    @Buns Alice this thing eats cute mice, how does that make u feel ???? Discuss??? http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/Find+out+about/Animals+of+Queensland/Spiders/Primitive+Spiders+Infraorder+Mygalomorphae/Mouse+Spiders#.W2qp59UzaUk
  6. so much homo in one pic
  7. We spurd , We smoked, We win. Enjoy.