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  1. Went out today on a classical Sunday Arvo. Instantly bullying CPK/SV until both their voice channels ended. Then we found OAC, who put up much more of a fight. Next up was 1750s/2ks...well everyone knows the new 2020 new year new rot alliance lmfao. Closed the caves, and exploded Sparc mac's stream. ty for Staff Unlucky Stay ez niggers. https://i.gyazo.com/c6430e72c6ef66870a9b2322a8f614c0.mp4
  2. Tonight RoT reminded of us of CT Waking up at 6am to cop Aussie Dick Btw, Sv your a mess lmfao. Shout out to Moi World for Literally Bodying CPK and other crashers off CL. Vid -
  3. Karate


    Yeh jelllllllooooo. Pump hA. I did ask @gage to throw something together lol
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