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  1. Started off the trip with CL heading out into the caves with 23 men, Clearing lil cards and randoms. Soon after we ran into PD, and Set up a Multi spell fight with a 30 minute cap. The fight kicked off at new gate hill. With CL having 25 Pd 26 As the fight went on there was no sign of the Twitter and Anime clan, it was clean asf. Endings CL 30 PD 38 GF PD it was the first fight CL had in months, since anime was banned from AEST.
  2. CL went out and swept the wilderness, after a few hours, CT's Aussie clan came out to play.... Enjoy pics lads.
  3. Went out for a sniff, Finding free loot, bagging up and calling it a night. Uncontested once again. Enjoy pics clan world.
  4. Went out and about, coming across multiple whales and puffing on the twitter 2k team.
  5. Smoked lmfao call more clans
  6. CL seen sparc was streaming, so we geared up 30 roo's and had some fun. Clearing them and ibilys multiple times. We also got wind of someone attempting to mace in AEST. lol.... Pics below, enjoy. Ft. some single kills and smoking VIT