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  1. CL went out and Pillaged everything from singles to multi. Including a smoke on deseh live. https://clips.twitch.tv/YummyDifferentAxeYee
  2. Set out early on this Saucy Sunday, Hitting both singles and multi once again. Obliterating cpk's merged cc closing them for 4hrs. Plus few big loots in single, killing a few zinger's/gsg hooligan's Pics below. Multi Gwas's https://i.gyazo.com/eb94da4ea028b960063f60a27ef26dde.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/5d3878ed2826747b763e3d8887ef1292.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/eb94da4ea028b960063f60a27ef26dde.mp4 Singles
  3. Tonight we kicked it off by macing cpk/totals, followed up by clearing dino. Once we hit 41 on teamspeak we approached AF for a 1hour cap. They accepted and the fight began on NG hill. Clean as fuck with no Slave Alliance in sight GF AF Enjoy pics lads. v
  4. For the past week SEAL have been Pillaging CPK's 15man pulls and their merge CC's, which consists of members from RoT, SV, Plex, Cave Control, and some Vene cc LOL. Forcing many protectors and ranks to give up. Last night was no exception, CL hit the beacons, gaining 32 lads ready to serve the alliance a freshly made pepperoni pizza, filled with roo dick. Instantly cpk went into panic mode, crying for help. For just over 4 hours CL harvested CPK, spamming piles, gwasing zombies, and taking plus 1's. Needless to say, Great fucking Chivalry Legions, enjoy the pics/topic. (Whats Dicozza doing LMAO) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOL Plus 1's Fight/Kills
  5. The lads took to singles first, Smoking up from Ent to Alter. Next up was our favourite victims "CPK" + their minion merge. ty for Staff Good job lads. Enjoy the pics
  6. Once again, the Alpha Aussie's of AEST went out on a free roam smoke fest from singles to multi. ENjoy pics lads. vvv
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