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  1. my brother, im perth, and i support the shockers. hahahahaha
  2. CL went out today multiple times, sweeping revs to singles. Smoking everything we came across. We hit the 2k worlds, taking a craw's bow of some pedo. Soon after we hit SV and smoked them off the map,making them insta dipp on site 40 minutes later the alliance of pedo's (CT SV ROT) were all out trying to touch SMK's cawk. CL kept on pking through to early gmt, running into jaja, and smoking more randoms. Including a cheeky ags kill from zoner's. Stay EZ u bunch of Cucks lmfao
  3. Smkz once again lit the beacons, as he could see DSI boat people floating about the aest zone. CL knew that the boat people were hungry, Laying down bake bean cans and vegemite sanga's, we smoked the fuck outta the Pedo alliance. Then continued on pking throughout the night killing, pedo's 2kers etc nrml shit. https://i.imgur.com/7OdreIe.mp4
  4. Smkz set sail today on the ss cooker ship, in search of canoes and rafts, ready to cull the pedo alliance as they floated out of EST. Enoy Pics.
  5. Went out on the normal patrol of our boarders, Looking for the boat people, Known as SV. Completely shutting down their canoe operation early in AEST. CL continued on pking for the next 8hrs, Uncontested. Stomping CT's aest unit in singles/new gate hill. (ez btw) Also suffocating Roy's 2k cc into lockdown. When is the SV/CT truce going to merge ML's, for the ultimate DSI ANIME SHOWDOWN ??????? #checkmate https://i.imgur.com/5zoP8CX.mp4
  7. Was a early one for us. still cooked em
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