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  1. Throughout the timezone of AEST , CL has been uppercutting chins off the 1750/2k cc's. Eventually as time moved on into early gmt, they tried to mob us, unna. Even there unkle Garry Narkle (Rod), was throwing blind boong swing's. After a solid 30 minutes of attempting to compete with CL, 2k and rot's big 5 man pull left with tails in between their vagina's. Leaving 1750's for dead. See ya's Tomorrow. Garry narkle pedo - https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/sex-monster-garry-narkle-faces-life-in-jail-for-raping-homeless-man/news-story/eb6599d42e356d9438f02d769faf36f3
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