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  1. all part of a balanced diet, 3 meals a day
  2. grats on 2k big fella - a huge achievement
  3. vote yes to fremmy boots 4 icon change now :))
  4. good thing I'm tbing for you dps slaves
  5. Google officially slapping me with an alt better than my main yuckkk Good shit bro
  6. #deported gonna be 200m mage xp in no time with the clumps SV are getting themselves in
  7. insane gains, gimme some totals please
  8. parma, hands down if you say parmi leave the country
  9. free magic xp from the clumps, cheers idiots
  10. demolished, well done fellas
  11. sv got cooked harder than smkz on a friday night
  12. the old dark bow tax for stepping into multi
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