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  1. Over the past two months, have been slowly grinding out 2K total. Along the way, i regained my quest cape, i gained the music cape, 99 att/cook/fm. Ive got 99 pray banked with plans to aim for achievement cape. Also snagged a SOL from Rendual's cc
  2. Congratulations, but skill comp already ended
  3. Congratulations nerd
  4. i seen that video l0l, thought i recognized your name lmfao
  5. *in emiya’s voice* what the fuck is this
  6. roth


    on the same grind @Nat Ge0 its a big one, but will be worth it. 2k total and 126cb. onwards and upwards
  7. had them on the ropes in the first 20mins then they started suiciding till their backup arrived and they still got smoked
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