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  1. I was burning out but then my Uncle Jimbo came to town and gave me reason to continue pumping javs
  2. Actual fucking smoke, RS-CL.com for a way out. Come early next time garry we exchange bolts more
  3. Same shit different night. Massed the boys up with there finest Varrock painted kites, ready to roam freely in our cave. It didn't take long for CPK & the likes to light a fire and desperately start sending smoke signals, grabbing any ally they could. After a 4 hour sesh of pure slaughter, leaving the caves bone dry, we ended up back at Karates, where we celebrated over a victory pizza. Better luck next time ANTI-CL ANTI-CLs Theme song
  4. Decided to go out a bit later than usual in AEST in hope of new fish to fry. Dino's stream team were looking fat so we decided to pump a few jav's into them, but It wasn't long until the usual 10+ clans merged up in an attempt to help him. We pushed the anti-CL alliance into single, and went on our way, gearing up in maces and taking them for even more plus1's. We continued to sweep our caves freely, farming pkers/pvmer's. TY for the KDA boost LMAO.
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