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  1. Glad I was busy, seemed like a waste of time it was that easy
  2. Aboriginal

    Another One

    Roy and 4 other alliances dropping for 2hrs damn
  3. Damn roys getting worse and worse every outing, calling 4 teams to help them fight a few kangaroos.
  4. Would've been 98 chimps but fumblers been d scim specing them all. Besides where was roy to save sv?
  5. Was another easy night in AEST
  6. lol was easy, imagine running a clan just to bolt rag people and suicide. nice sv
  7. Better clue luck than @iijelloo
  8. Big effort when you could just buy pink boots
  9. Dunno what I'm looking at but good shit, sucks to be russ
  10. Good shit, didn't get a chance through the day today
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