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  1. Good shit 🔥🔥
  2. Was a fucking solid fight, good shit dudes 🤘
  3. Fuck, nice night out legends
  4. Fuck me dead, RNG is swinging your way dude. Big gz
  5. Amenity broken by 20 kangaroos LOL was good fun!
  6. Probably would've waited if it was me, I reckon it'll be around 75-90m (or around the price of Dex) if you've got the cash though who gives a fook! Nice upgrade either way
  7. SMH man, I'm a simple bloke trying to work a niche market 🙄
  8. i am always looking for more workers
  9. Sugarmama has a new lil babay, gz 😊
  10. Good shit nignogs, was very fun
  11. Fuck man, you'd think Hayden would've changed after 10+ years, rumour has it he's still pulling the same lure 😂