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  1. Nice hey wtfffff u has a TBow.... $900 well spent????
  2. I’ve always had iPhone, still have a 6plus- Okay so I looked at the new iPhone XS - $1900. can not do it. So I was considering the iPhone 8 for $850 to save some money but TBH right about now I’m considering getting the Oppo Ax7 for $270. The reviews look good and I’d rather spend the $1600 difference on other shit rather than a phone lol... will see how it treats me.
  3. Shitttt I was smashing fanatic. I Should go back to ele it’s an easy grind good work
  4. Don’t ask me to send photos if you aren’t going to use it where my double kill you degenerate fuck
  5. Shit yeh lads I wanted to come but the spring in my balli broke
  6. Dino becoming the joke of the clan world.
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