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  1. Good shit, too bad I wasnt there
  2. Cannot compete 1v1, so they call the whole gang on us. I'm flattered, shows the difference in quality of our clans. Lil tards cleared in 2 minutes, maybe if christy lost a few pounds she woulda got there a second sooner. Try again CT.
  3. Everyones better than CT at this point.
  4. Ez 2 minute win + cheeky godsword.
  5. The state of CT. This is why they bailed out of AEST, ROT cant pull jackshit in our timezone.
  6. ty for suicide sets made enough for toxic staff
  7. wtf that was easy. imagine "#1" clan ragging for inferior clans.
  8. easy for CL. I'm afraid you're not allowed to mace in our timezone.
  9. EMIYA

    CL Farm CT

    ty for suicide sets CT. saw SV members upgraded from addy to rune kiteshields care package from CT these fucking corridor slaves.