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  1. Havent died once nigs. Anyways I think there must be a mistake in the title, CT was there? Ah fuck sorry you mean these clowns? Yea that was a miss on my part had to go through my screenshots extensively. Was a hard find but after investigation I can confirm that Cutthroat team was indeed there at the scene of the crime. That being said, shout out to this strong warrior who did not fall after being ambushed by this beta team of cucks.
  2. No RoT no play no revs today
  3. I remember when SV came for a fight last time, they got fucked in the ass. Months later, nothings really changed. You know your clan can't hack it when you need to call the whole alliance vs us. And here I thought it was just the timezones outside ours, but I think its official that they need their hands held 24/7 to even make themselves significant in the clanning world.
  4. Brah they gonna eat good tonight.
  5. Missed half the trip but good shit lads
  6. Even with ROT, SV and 1750 CC they still couldn't compete easy shit shame they had to ddos Gage to even get any sort of leverage. Desperate tactics for dying clans like CT i guess LOL
  7. The real moneygang in all its glory. Not that fake moneygang that stole our names (get your own name). That being said, I wanna thank all the moneygang members for all the hard work, especially the boys who made pures, which definitely paid off.
  8. Step aside CT, moneygang is back at it.
  9. Look at the chat, then look at the minimap. Around the same time Rot came to save them. He's saved!
  10. Wtf are you doing CT LOL
  11. Another day another curbstomp =D
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