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  1. paki sweden is on the same level as gsg
  2. imagine being a gsg member
  3. Nebijok


    up mfkers so I can pk with u, stop pking when im not at home ty, bb also, why is there two "Aussie land" channels on ts, fix that shit also also, add 2.2K teamspeak server group
  4. Nebijok


    a motivational clip for the lazy mfkas
  5. Nebijok


    fucking 2.2k total so we can piss off those cunts at revs, hey atleast 2k, Im not asking for much, its ez
  6. lmfao keep smoking them, good shit
  7. nice job, keep killing those mother fuckers from "lietuviai" cc
  8. cant believe dk is still alive, I guess shitters never know when to stop
  9. they are not liths, they are pk klubas u kunt
  10. team sweden leaders are a bunch of fucking virgins, good job
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