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  1. get on ts 


  2. Thanks again Runner your a true legend :)

    1. Rare


      Better than Dennis.

  3. 150+ memberlist and your still shit #DeepThroaters

  4. CT massed just to tele out :(

  5. Is it just me or is there not a (forums) link after you post on a topic anymore?

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    2. Bludsvept


      used to the top left index button

    3. Bullys
    4. Trevor


      @Bullysn @Bludsveptstay leading to victory


      Complain about the topics not stretching across the screen next pls

  6. Christy took the #DeepThroat last night 

    1. Spenz


      Soz I went 5 hours without sex I promise not to lower my standards ever again

    2. Bullys


      All good G just don't let it happen again

  7. Legit made over 15m  in 1 DK task wtf